Dallas Cowboys vs. San Francisco 49ers | 2023 Week 5 Game Highlights

Dallas Cowboys vs. San Francisco 49ers | 2023 Week 5 Game Highlights

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40 Responses

  1. X MTS says:

    Purdy’s accuracy is astounding, and Kittle has had his day.
    Quality performance. It’s a lot of fun to watch the 9ers roll.

    • Lynda Augustin says:

      But can they beat the Eagles in the playoffs? 😂 #Phinsup

    • Stoonch says:

      @Lynda Augustindefinitely. If the commanders can put you in OT, the 9ers are gonna eat

    • Rycrex says:

      @Lynda Augustin Are you actually saying that seriously because if you couldn’t tell already, Niners are rolling. Full year for Purdy and CMC. You all forget.

    • Joey says:

      ​@lyndaaugustin6326 still living in the past like always. Cry eagles cry

    • Lynda Augustin says:

      @Stoonch Well Niners and Eagles will play in the regular season this year so I guess we gonna see who the better team is. 🤣 I wish the game was next week so we could avoid injuries, but hopefully both quarterbacks are healthy and ready to go. #Phinsup

  2. SGLeeo says:

    Purdy, no matter what offensive scheme he happens to be part of, clearly shows how much of a leader he is. The 49ers are stacked but no matter the talent you need someone to lead the team and he’s done a wonderful job.

  3. Kevin Nason says:

    As a niners fan I thought this would be a closer game. The way the O-line dominated the game, letting Purdy dice up the secondary was awesome. The defense was almost flawless today!

    • Vinnie Vinnie says:

      I’m an eagles and I never really worry about there cowboys d line cause they go completely missing when you have a good o line

    • Ed Snyder says:

      I took thought it would be a close game as well. Is it just me or does Dak look intimidated, and not just against the 49ers

    • CoachBighead says:

      ​@Ed Snyderi picked cowboys to win by two td but dak fooooked daat up lol

    • Jolie Vr and Matthew Vr says:

      It was not dak fault. He was almost flawless. There was too much running games and not enough passing play call on Dallas Play callings. The defense cause us this game! Dak4MVP!@CoachBighead

    • Michael Russell says:

      ​@MATTHEWVR1233 they ran it because Dak can’t throw a clean ball under pressure.

  4. Brian Seneca says:

    Lifelong Cowboy fan. I knew SF was for real going in. As much as I would love to blame Dak for EVERYTHING, those receivers were wide open, the backs sliced through our line. I really believed our D would pose problems for Purdy. I thought we were elite defensively. Unfortunately another heartbreaking season for me. Congrats 9ers. I do believe as I thought in week one that you are the best. And yes if this doesnt prove Dak has to go I dont know what they need to see?

  5. Luke Robbins says:

    That razzle dazzle play with 3 pitches to a TD pass was pure perfection.

  6. TexasDragon 1995 says:

    Bill Walsh would be so proud of this team, a highly effective, never ending machine, that beats their opponents to the first punch

  7. Badluck Schleprock says:

    Thank you Dallas, for a stress-free night.

  8. mair a says:

    What a phenomenal game!! I love my 9ers!! I thought we could beat the Cowboys but not like this. It was an amazing sight to see!

  9. Kyle Bennett says:

    Eagles fan here respect to Brock Purdy and the 49ers!! You guys have an awesome team!! It’s gonna be fun playing you guys this year!!

  10. Vijay Varghese says:

    These receivers for San Fran are so wide open every single play…. incredible

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