Dating (when you’re autistic)

Dating (when you’re autistic) or

00:00 – 02:00 – first impressions
02:01 – 03:05 – chaos cards!
03:06 – 6:16 – surviving dating apps
6:17 – 10:48 – meeting a fellow autistic
10:49 – 15:30 – turning evil
15:31 – 20:45 – autistic people aren’t all the same!







Rachel Green

Hannah Jurgens







Michael Nahem

CHANNEL MANAGEMENT: Carlee Wilson, David Seelos


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36 Responses

  1. sari says:

    My heart breaks for Kermit that his parents didn’t tell him he was autistic growing up. I would’ve given anything to know I was autistic as a child instead of as a near adult

    • Dylan says:

      This is quite common sadly. I have a lot of autistic friends and quite a few have excperienced this

    • OtakuSparrow says:

      It could be a double edged sword however. I am not sure I would have put effort if I was told from the start I was “lagging” behind, maybe even using it as an excuse. That said, the opposite is also true as stated by your comment.

      As mentioned in the video, everybody is different.

    • Xina Ele says:

      My parents did the same for me. I don’t hate them for it, they have apologized and are trying to do better, but it still stings. I can’t get those years back and those were the foundations of who I am now.

    • Atlas in Tokyo says:

      My dad knew I was autistic and legit would physically abuse me for bad grades knowing why I got them….. told me years later he knew I was autistic when he punished me for not knowing how to get good grades as a autistic child in a Christian school

    • MaryAnn Dickman says:


  2. Thomas Jake Christophersen says:

    As fellow autistic person, this gives me hope to find love.

  3. Teag Brohman says:

    my parents didn’t tell me I was autistic until I was 13, when asked why they didn’t tell me earlier, they said I “wouldn’t have been able handle it”

    • i haven’t touched grass since 1965 says:


    • SEPH ! says:

      oh yes, the grieving and pain of finding out you’re autistic would be sooo hard i bet

    • 🫐BlueyBerryPie🫐 says:

      My mom didn’t tell me I was autistic until I was 14.

    • Trifle memes says:

      I was told when I was 8 or so but my parents found out they where autistic in there 30s or so

    • QuinnTheWolf says:

      I’m not sure if this is just a me experience, but I was also diagnosed when I was 13 and since my whole life, I was treated like the outcast and everyone kind of knew I was some kind of neurodivergent except me it felt like the stars align when I was finally diagnosed and so many things were explained! Of course I still struggle a lot and some days I wish I wasn’t but at the end of the day I’m really proud to be who I am!

  4. FastFreddy says:

    After watching this I just realized because of my autism that I do most of those masking and behavioral things without even realizing it

    • The꧅ says:

      @catskura I don’t think that’s what they meant but sure

    • FastFreddy says:

      Clarification if anyone needs it. What I meant is that I do the masking thing in my everyday life at school without even noticing it and hearing her talk about it made me realize that I do it subconsciously

  5. Faun tom says:

    I was also diagnosed with autism as a kid but not told until later in life I felt like I was the only one who had that experience!

  6. TheSquirrellyWraith says:

    Anxiety is hard as an autistic adult thank you Illymations for your story,

  7. Shawn Galiley says:

    As someone who found out they were autistic after getting married, this video really explains so much of the relationship dynamics. Thank you

  8. ippypippy says:

    As a autistic asexual biromantic girl, this helps so much! Thank you Illy❤

  9. Maddie Young says:

    As a person currently being tested for autism, I greatly appreciated all of the traits described because I feel so much less alone. I feel that I’m in a similar situation as Kermit, where I had no idea as a child because my parents wouldn’t acknowledge my struggles (they still don’t). Thank you so much for making this video and best of luck and health to both of you!

  10. Artemis135 says:

    It’s lovely to see a neurodivergent couple supporting each other in life’s daily struggles. I’m on the autism spectrum and my partner has ADHD and dyslexia and it’s just really good to see people understanding our conditions more or putting more reliable information out there to help people understand. I find it really reassuring and good to know you have someone special who understands the way you see the world and can support you when it can become a bit too much. My best wishes to you and Kermit!!

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