Dave Chappelle attacked during performance

Dave Chappelle attacked during performance

Comedian Dave Chappelle was allegedly attacked during a performance Tuesday night.

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41 Responses

  1. Xenodroid says:

    Why does the description of the video say he was “allegedly” attacked? The video footage was released as soon as it happened lol.

  2. NatKing1u1z says:

    Man listen, Dave is too humble for something like this to happen to him.

  3. Generic Human says:

    Things like this will continue to happen unfortunately. We’re now in a world where a lot of people think attacking someone is better than civil debate and discourse. Thankfully the attacker didn’t get a chance to use the weapons they were carrying

    • yee haw says:

      @Gilang Ramadhan if anything we need more jokes not to get comedian to chill out

    • Fundemort Grey Prime Defender of Truth and Justice says:

      This is becoming a trend. Maybe a meant-setup new trick to boost comedians popularity?

  4. Brent F says:

    Attacker had a gun and a knife. Why is the news not mentioning this?

    • Glovenchki Rielen says:

      @Guybrush Threepwood he watched too many cartoons lol

    • Guybrush Threepwood says:

      @Glovenchki Rielen that’s the dumbest disguise I’ve ever heard of. “Oh, no look out he has a weapon. No, wait don’t worry it’s just a gun. Oh my God! There’s a knife inside the gun, run!”

    • Look Mil says:

      Why is the news not showing his face? I wonder why?

  5. Brian Gaddie says:

    Thanks Will. These clowns attacking comedians are “wannabe Will Smiths.”

    • Hunter5865 says:

      @Ricardo Godigna comedians get a free pass to do comedy. Sure, you may find it offensive, and there’s nothing wrong with that. What is wrong is hitting someone because you got offended

    • John O says:

      Dangerous times for comedians, 2nd time in this year

    • TJ Spence says:

      @Instameme Sure, because you know all comedians doing all shows 😐. Did I say in a month’s time? No, but this is common. Miss me with the bull.

    • Angela H says:

      Oh wow, same thing I said… great minds think alike… I was just later than you, lol!

    • Scott Ricardi says:

      @Ricardo Godigna when you intentionally go to a comedy show…you go to have a good time. Not all jokes are funny to everyone, but to go to a show waiting to get your feelings hurt or in your mind, have a reason to try and cancel a beloved comic….that’s on you! The only thing that needs to stop, are people like you crying about everything when it strikes YOU wrong! Don’t go to the show! The rest of us not being offended doesn’t make us monsters!

  6. Steve o says:

    Chris Rock…”Was the attacker Will Smith” ?… simple yet brilliant 🤣

  7. Put Your Seatbelt On, When U Ride With "Uncle Ray" says:

    Sadly to say, this is only the beginning. As comedian’s all around the world, have to be more aware of these types of situations. Since the flood gates have been left open. For anybody who wants to disagree with a comedian. Thanks to Mr Smith….

    • xavier Magnate says:

      @Jay Young Their job in a description is an ironic, sardonic and hyperbolic description of life designed to humor others. SOMETIMES said humor can transform to something else and people have an impulsive reaction. It happens with every occupation. Comedy happens to be adroitly and personally focused on others.

    • xavier Magnate says:

      @Desert Drive-In Theater You are absolutely correct. But pragmatic and emotion-driven reactions occur when people are offended. It shouldn’t require a great deal of erudition to comprend. I’m very cautious about what I communicate to others. That’s what my dad taught me.

    • Jasonsmith1998 says:

      Big Willie did a bad thing

  8. RealDeal318 says:

    Comedians about to start carrying guns on stage, now people gonna be dying laughing fr smh,,, dammitt Will 😮

  9. Hashirama Sayan says:

    *Will Smith wont be remembered for winning an Oscar, he’ll be remembered as the one who pave way for physically assaulting comedians on stage.*

  10. changes says:

    Will smith really has people thinking they can run up stage and do whatever until they meet the right one lol

    • cesium419 says:

      Naw, Will did it and can do it. The person who ran up on him is a random, not a know A-List celebrity who is sharing the stage with other said actors. People do crazy stuff all the time, not sure why YOU surprised lmao

    • Slayy says:

      @Fashion Life stop it that’s completely different than was rich people problems fans been doing this forever stop tryna point fingers on people so you telling me fans don’t rush the courts fans don’t run on the field during football games and soccers games like stop

    • Tim LS says:

      When someone gets shot and killed for rushing a stage, people will think twice.

    • BustBoy333 says:

      they got y’all good lmao y’all gon be tell ya grandkids about this one. AND THE OSCAR FOR BEST ACTOR GOES TO!

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