Denver Broncos vs. Miami Dolphins Game Highlights | NFL 2023 Week 3

Denver Broncos vs. Miami Dolphins Game Highlights | NFL 2023 Week 3

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41 Responses

  1. Scruff D0g says:

    The greatest offensive performance from a team in a single game I’ve ever seen. 10 TDs, no turnovers, 726 total yards, 7 TDs from running backs. This was just surreal.

  2. Samurai Jedi16 says:

    70 points scored by a team in the NFL??! This felt like a college level game. INSANE!! 🤯

  3. CactusJack22 says:

    This gotta be the greatest turnaround for a QB and team I’ve ever seen out of all the years I’ve watched football. Last year this Dolphins team struggled and Tua suffered serious head injuries to the point where he fenced live on TV, now a year later he’s playing real life Madden on rookie mode lol. First time since 1966 has a team scored this much in an NFL game 🤯😳what’s so insane about this Dolphins team is that literally the ENTIRE offense gets involved and impacts games, any and every receiver and RB that comes in the game immediately impacts the game. Never seen anything like this before…

    • James Calhoun says:

      They’ve played 3 games bud chill out still time for them to mess it up

    • Nick M says:

      I would feel real bad if Tua gets hurt. He really is dominating this year.

    • Michael Fried says:

      Not going to lie, I was not a Tua believer. Before last year, I didn’t think he had what it takes to be an NFL QB. He started the season well last year, then had that horrific injury (x2). He clearly put it together, and I just really hope that he doesn’t have any more concussions. I’d love to see him be a legit force in the NFL. Will be fun to watch him and Allen compete in the AFC East for years.

    • Greysen Gagne says:

      Lol, the only reason the Dolphins struggled last year was because of Tua’s injury. It wasn’t the team in general, that injury screwed them. I’m a Pats fan and can admit that even last season they were great, I bet they would have gone 14-3 at the least of Tua didn’t get hurt. So saying this is the greatest turnaround you’ve ever seen from a team is odd. I knew they would be a force this season, they were a force last season until that injury to.

    • SCT Savage says:

      @James Calhounnah see ya in bowl game🤝

  4. David Bates says:

    Not a Dolphins fan, but got to give them mad respect 🫡 they looked unstoppable😬

  5. scroggin92 says:

    I’ve only watched NFL for a few years but this is the most jaw-dropping offense in a game I’ve even seen.

  6. Racer X says:

    As a Dolphins fan from 1970 I will say its been a long long time since I felt this good about the Dolphins. Classy move by the Fins not to score at the end making the Broncos the biggest NFL losing team.

  7. Mutt says:

    Not a dolphins fan, but I’m glad they scored 70 while at home. Gave the fans a once in a lifetime experience

  8. Araújo Oluap Is Waiting. ... says:

    They don’t just have talent. That play calling was insane. Super creative

  9. Gråven Guitar says:

    Dolphins offense playbook and the grace in which they used it this way… man, just pure perfection.

  10. iLLY Got Beats says:

    I love this Miami team. Mostert and Hill are two of my favorite players, nice to see them on the same team! So much speed and jukiness. Great receivers as well and a solid QB. Defense aint no joke either. This is a team to watch out for this year FRFR. Miami would go wild if they got a ring. I’m not a Miami fan but wouldn’t mind seeing it honestly. I’m a raider fan and we don’t stand a chance in hell, so why not lol.

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