History Is Repeating Itself…

History Is Repeating Itself…

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31 Responses

  1. RealPitstop says:

    Even as the NBA evolves, a part of history stays with it.

    • lacedblunt says:

      thats how it should be, use what the past gave you and build on it

    • Benn Darayta says:


    • Heath Overledgerly says:

      This is why many of us are pissed about the plumbers and firemen narratives because of the games evolution (some would suggest the opposite) and that todays players didn’t just magically wake up with the skill sets that they have. The past had too many exciting and athletic stars of their own to simply cast them off into the building clutter of dust of nba history

    • Dottore says:

      Are we comparing a player on a “1 year stats” to a “Career stats” of a player??

  2. Hypocrite Troll Bot says:

    I think the remaining 13-20% differences make each player super unique

  3. Original J says:

    Making me appreciate to be in Dallas during Dirks prime, Nash to 21 seasons. Loyalty never fades away.

  4. Nintendo Gamer says:

    Dirk appeared on 3 different player comps. 2004 to Giannis, 2010 to KD, 2000 to LeBron. Of course, two of these players aren’t in their primes, but it just shows you how elite Dirk was.

  5. Jeffrey Gray says:

    I think those comparisons are statistically accurate, but not always stylistically accurate. However, given that they’re being made purely based on statistics, it’s pretty interesting to see similar results coming from different styles. Luka and McGrady aren’t particularly similar players, but they end up with similar results. Durant and Dirk didn’t play that similarly, but have broadly similar stats.

    Maybe my favorite comparison in this video was Ja and Steve Francis. As soon as Jimmy said it, it made perfect sense. Francis was even more playground than Ja, but they’re both hyperathletic point guards who played differently than the rest of the league. Francis did a lot of stop-and-go moves and took a ton of midrange jumpers while also dunking on big guys _(and still getting a good number of assists),_ and Ja does a lot of the same stuff. I’d say Ja is quicker whereas Francis was craftier, but they’re very similar stylistically, especially given the style of basketball played at the time _(Francis took almost no 3’s, Ja rarely takes 18 foot pull-ups, etc.)._

    • FortyNights says:

      One player who I was kinda surprised didn’t come up for Giannis was Shaq. I’ve heard some compare those two to one another.

    • Ark says:

      ​​​​​​​​​​​@FortyNightsI dunno nobody really plays like Shaq did he didn’t even attempt to shoot past 10 feet usually and just dominated anyone in the paint doing whatever he could to win Dunk Block Rebound etc.

      He probably really was the most dominant none shooter to ever exist he would bully anyone.

      I feel like Giannis is way more of a slasher like LeBron is maybe a mix of the two.

      I mean Shaq could drive but he didn’t do it nearly as much as Giannis he got a lot of passes under the basket.

      Or he’d sit near the rim and score off a shot his teammates missed.

      And when he did drive it looked more like Charles Barkley than it did Giannis.

    • J J says:

      Definitely I thought the same thing. Curry is a copy of Mahmoud Abdul Rauf play style wise but not statistically. It favors stats over the actual players branch tree skill set. I would think Lebron would be more like Magic skill wise.

    • robert says:

      ai and westbrook had mirror image stats until russ kept triple doubling but no one will say they are similar

    • Peter Pan says:

      @FortyNights thing is shaq never handled the ball basically. you gave him an entry pass and he went to work. giannis has been in the primary pnr action a lot and is much more of a transition player than shaq. they only get compared in the sense that they bully opponents with their size, but even that they do quite differently. shaq had elite footwork in the post und rly good touch around the basket, giannis mostly runs around/over ppl, he is not rly a post player even tho he has gotten better at it. also on defense they play quite differently where giannis is more of a roaming help defender while shaq was a pure rim protector basically.

  6. Todd Graham says:

    Also, thanks for putting respect on Ray Allen’s name. He was a franchise guy in Milwaukee. Him, Big Dog and Cassell just couldn’t get over the hump.

  7. JaqueezeYT says:

    The amount of time this guy has to put into these videos and they come out great every time while not over-inserting his own opinion is just perfect.

  8. Mike L says:

    Lebrons ability to modify his game to remain effective over the years is impressive. Even Jordan struggled in his later years.

  9. Sameer Gir says:

    I think the similarity % is great but it could use some additional data to be even better. If there was a way to add shot location and shot type as variables that would improve it. Giannis is the most obvious change. While stats are similar, he doesn’t play like KG or dirk at all, especially with his post game.

    • FortyNights says:

      I’ve seen Giannis compared to Shaq as much as Garnett or Dirk.

      Also, at the end he talked about about a few guys as the blueprint for the modern NBA.

      Conversely could it be said that players who wouldn’t show up very high in similarity scores had games we don’t see anymore?

    • robert says:

      dont you see that alot of these comments are the same meaning hes employing troll accounts to praise his vid.. maybe even fake subs and likes and views hahahahaha

  10. kalpeti1 says:

    It feels so good every time my all time favourite sport person receives the appreciation he deserves. Dirk was just Great!

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