Destiny 2: CROTA’S END RAID FOR DUMMIES! – Complete Raid Guide & Walkthrough

Destiny 2: CROTA’S END RAID FOR DUMMIES! – Complete Raid Guide & Walkthrough

The Complete Guide to the New Reprised Crota’s End Raid, added to Destiny 2 within Season of the Witch! How to beat EVERY Encounter!

00:00 – Descend into the Hellmouth
02:30 – Abyss Encounter Guide
08:14 – Oversoul Throne Bridge Encounter Guide
18:10 – Ir Yut Raid Boss Guide
25:41 – Crota, Son of Oryx Final Boss Guide

New #destiny2 video, going over the new Crota’s End Raid released in the new Destiny 2 Season of the Witch! This is just after the Destiny 2 Showcase and the full reveal of the new Final Shape Expansion in Destiny 2!
Season of the Witch has just launched after the Destiny 2 Showcase! It features Savathun’s Spire, and the Altars of Summoning Activity! It also has the Deck of Whispers where you can collect Opaque Cards and turn them into Major Cards and Minor Cards (Major Arcana and Minor Arcana at the Lectern of Divination containing powerful rewards and Seasonal Upgrades to unlock new Deepsight Season of the Witch Weapons leading up to the new Crota’s End Raid!
But today we’re going over the complete Crota’s End Raid Guide! How to beat every encounter in this new raid during the Contest Mode and Challenge Mode 48 Hour “Day 1” challenge! This will guarantee you get the new Necrochasm Exotic Raid Weapon, among other new Crota’s End Raid Gear including new Crota’s End Raid Weapons and Armor!
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32 Responses

  1. KackisHD says:

    Good luck Gamers! Remember to check the Play Bar for Time-Stamps, so you can always come back to the video and find the encounter you need help with! 🙂


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  2. WildEyeJoker says:

    The vehicle radar callout is a really good call tbh for the witches. Just in case, wishender helps see through the walls too

  3. Stinex says:

    Quick note: You are able to destroy the Oversoul during final extending the timer to ~9 seconds it will consume your enlightened buff so i recommend going into final with at least 2-3 extra enlightens

    • s0lus says:

      get the hp bar down to almost final stand, having multiple enlightened, and use them on oversoul or expunge if it deals a good chunk of damage (it probably doesn’t)

    • Kamill says:

      ⁠​⁠@s0lusexpunge does a tiny tick like 2-3% if i had to guess. free damage still worth

    • wab2000 says:

      ​@s0lusexpunge does considerable damage. With 3 expunges we almost didn’t need an oversoul as he died so fast. Of course that plus supers and lament

    • Call me Shaggy says:

      Seems to work just like Golgoroth’s Unstable Light debuff where if you blow up next to him it does big chunk damage.

  4. Ling Ling says:

    Just wanted to add for killing the gate keepers on bridge, tractor cannon and tether will both debuff and blind the gatekeeper, making him a very easy kill

  5. Jairo Capetillo says:

    Thank you Rick for your efforts, the whole community appreciates it!

  6. DFH02 says:

    I remember watching your first crotas end for dummies before school, here I am 8 years later. Thanks rick you legend

  7. I'maHappyCactus says:

    Me and the boys grinding first encounter for 12 hours failing 67 times.

  8. Ayame Kyoto says:

    Thanks Rick to you and your team for making these tutorial videos. Imagine having to do all of these mechanics in D1…that’d be overkill!

  9. Lost Fractle says:

    Thank you for getting this out so soon. 😊

    • KackisHD says:

      I would have gotten it out a heck of a lot sooner but we had something like 5 Wipes on Crota from people’s Games Crashing.
      So just be aware… that operantly Bungie is making Crota Pull the Ethernet Cord on us this time around lol

    • CC-2062 says:

      ​@KackisHDits lore accurate

    • BretMFNTaylor says:

      ​@KackisHDpresence of crota increase the likelihood of your game crashing 💀

  10. Jackie Smith says:

    Holy shit and I thought beating crota in d1 was tricky first month. This shit is crazy lol

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