Taking A Lie Detector Test AGAIN…

Taking A Lie Detector Test AGAIN…

Today TommyInnit, Jacksepticeye, Tubbo & Jack Manifold GET REAL. This went off the rails.

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42 Responses

  1. Zain Borgan says:

    im so excited to see jacksepticeye to ask the most gross,voluptuous
    questions known to man.

  2. D34DM00N says:

    I love watching Jacksepticeye just absolutely make Tommy uncomfortable

  3. AidenMB says:

    Jacksepticeye is simultaneously an agent of chaos and the most wholesome of people

  4. Heisenberg says:

    14:20 Sean threatening Tommy “I have nothing to lose, thats no sweat off my balls” is absolute gold, great team

  5. Kate Del Pizzo says:

    Tommy’s the kind of guy to see a lie detector and ask “is anyone gonna embarrass themselves with that” and not wait for an answer

  6. Anonymouslemon says:

    I love how jack acts like the unhinged parent to a bunch of kids trying to impress him

  7. Déjà Vu says:


  8. PinkAnimeEyes says:

    Tommy never fails to make me cry uncontrollably

  9. World Of Hunter 1 says:

    It’s so nice that Tommy hired the same guy to check the lie detector.

  10. Skullkita Banditta says:

    Jacks brutal honesty about youtube is also in my opinion… true. At least about money and views. MrBeast still has done a lot for people who need it and while there is shit tied to the shovel at least there is a shovel.

    • Mustache Lady says:

      Totally agree. its veryyyyyy disgusting that people will do anything’s for views and Money, even If its a bad thing.

      Mrbeast did some videos about Global changes (with the three and ocean) and yet He does soo much stuff that’s ruining our earth, just for Views…..

    • stupidbroad says:

      true, its gone far outside of mr beast himself as well, considering all of the clones of him that have spawned, and other people that just pump out hot flaming garbage to farm views… I mean, why else was youtube so adamant about pushing shorts?

    • bipz says:

      @Mustache Lady mr beast has openly stated that he wants to reach the widest audience possible and get as many views as he can so that when he retires, he can donate all of his money into either charity’s or opening homeless shelters and that kind of thing, so saying its “just for views” is a bit downplaying what his motivations are.

    • RicebowlJohnson says:

      @Mustache Lady what exactly is ruining the earth? this take makes absolutely 0 sense

    • ChiknTikka says:

      @RicebowlJohnson Yeah I don’t really get this take either. I think they’re referring to the fact that he blows stuff up and destroys cars and valuable stuff in videos? At least it’s done for the entertainment of 100’s of millions. Honestly, It’s really nothing in comparison to the fields of 10,000+ EV’s rotting away in China or the amount of stuff that gets dumped everyday.

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