Destiny 2 Showcase 2023 – Livestream

Destiny 2 Showcase 2023 – Livestream

The Vanguard has rallied, and legends from every corner of the galaxy step forward, lending their bravery to the oncoming conflict. Together, we must travel to a place of new wonders and old memories where the Witness continues its unrelenting corruption, promising oblivion should we not fight.

Join us as we prepare for the start of an impossible journey.

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41 Responses

  1. oppi 26 says:

    Void titan has been what I’ve waited years for!

    • Ben McConachie says:

      Don’t get too excited, 5mins in PvP the babies will cry and all of it will be nerfed into the ground.

  2. Riley M says:

    If they really wanted to recapture some nostalgia, resurrecting the Speaker would have hit perfectly. Bill Nighy’s voice would send me straight back to 2015.

    • Fighting Lion says:

      “The Light lives in all places…. In all things…you can block it…even try to trap it…but the Light always finds its way.”

  3. Euphoricals says:

    “at the end it’ll cash out and you get a whole mess of rewards” – 2 legendaries and an engram

  4. Joe says:

    “You’re like a little person you’re not this godslayer anymore”

    if I can punch it, I can kill it

  5. Ichigo Kurosaki says:

    Whether we wanted it to or not we lost our Commander. May the traveler’s light guide you home. Rest in power Lance Reddick. Petition to make a “Reddick’s Lance” exotic rifle to honor him

  6. Tracy Geller says:

    I want to make something very clear: The Witness is about to face a horde of Guardians, some who are former spartans, space marines, operators, etc. The Witness isn’t ready, cause we are all very dangerous.

  7. Riley M says:

    Poor Rhulk looking like he’s Warden Eternal

  8. Nerbzy says:

    Hopefully Crotas End plays more challenging this reprisal.

  9. Juan Vega says:

    Bungie this is your chance to enable 12 man raid. Go out with a bang

  10. Weebland says:

    at 53:07 I really hope that mix ends up in the game. It sounds absolutely amazing.

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