Destiny 2: The Final Shape | Teaser Trailer

Destiny 2: The Final Shape | Teaser Trailer

We’re here now.
Wherever here is.

Tune into the Destiny Showcase to learn more.
August 22, 2023.


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Dive into the free-to-play world of Destiny 2 to experience responsive first-person shooter combat, explore the mysteries of our solar system, and unleash elemental abilities against powerful enemies. Create your Guardian and collect unique weapons, armor, and gear to customize your look and playstyle. Experience Destiny 2’s cinematic story alone or with friends, join other Guardians for challenging co-op missions, or compete against them in a variety of PvP modes.

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43 Responses

  1. DragonaxFilms says:

    Cayde meeting Crow is going to be a historic moment.

    • Steve The Bandit says:

      He’d probably say something like ” Ya know kid, by hunter standards, you’re the vanguard now since you’re technically uldren without all the evil jerkiness. Have fun I’M FREE “

    • Justifed 72 says:

      @Steve The Bandit “that’s what we call the “vanguard dare”. Yeah, congratulations, dummy”

    • Duck Entertainment says:

      Nah it’ll probably be in a lore book

    • Aona says:

      @Steve The Bandit that would be a really nice surprise imo, but since Crow technically *isn’t* Uldren, he had no part to play in the dare

    • ArsArma says:

      @Steve The Bandit Except we had a whole season about how Crow and Uldren aren’t the same person.

  2. GuyinaHelmet says:

    I never lost hope that one day Cayde would return. And he did when we need him the most. RIP Lance and Welcome back Nathan

    • Arise Again says:

      Nolan North*

    • That one guy from taco bell says:

      @Arise Again  Nolan North voices Ghost and also Cayde but only in the Forsaken campaign. Nathan Fillion, the original voice of Cayde-6, has confirmed he is coming back to Destiny in The Final Shape.

    • Arise Again says:

      @That one guy from taco bell I see that now! So glad hes back!

    • gino zancanaro says:

      yeah, me too kiddo

    • ApparentlyJeremy says:

      I love cayde but he shoulda stayed dead. Forsaken’s story doesnt carry any weight anymore now, with both cayde and uldren being alive again.

      But I guess bungie had to bring a beloved character back when they keep writing trash characters like nimbus and shaw han

  3. K H. says:

    I have a bitter sweet excitement. I know this expansion is going to pull my heartstrings unlike anything else. It’s been an incredible decade

    • 887Bingo says:

      Dunno about incredible but it was definitely something. Can’t wait to see what Bungie does after this.

    • Elijah Aleksanteri says:

      @887BingoIt’s not ending after this.

    • Mr Pickles says:

      It sure has been. Some may not have had the same experience as me in destiny. But it’s been countless good memories for me. “Incredible” is putting it lightly. I’ve sunk the most amount of time into the destiny games over all other games I’ve played.

    • Trevor Hecht says:

      We’ll see, Bungie really took the wind out of sails of the story with Lightfall.

    • Sol says:

      @Trevor Hecht Eh, tbh Lightfall was just a filler. All the actual story moved to Final Shape.

  4. Jack Reynolds says:

    Genuinely made me tear up aha. These past 10 years I’ve moved house, changed jobs, suffered losses, got a dog, but Destiny has always been a constant, ever since day 1 beta. Watching this game evolve and its story unfold over the decade has been a true pleasure.

    • Ey_Zigil says:

      THIS this is how i felt watching the trailer it brought me back so many years. I’ve moved across the country gotten married found a place in life and now i get to look back on it all. through the good and the bad ive always played destiny. Sure I have taken breaks for a season or 2 but ive always come back.

    • Okino says:

      Stay strong guardian.

    • h l says:

      that’s so unfortunate i wish you and your mental health the best and pray for a speedy recovery 🙏🏻

  5. Kepnach64 says:

    That definitely gave me chills seeing Cayde coming back and all glowing makes me wonder if this is heaven or limbo for Guardians who had a final death.

    • Code-Red424 says:

      Based off the portal you see in the background this is probably inside the traveler

    • Matthew Fishman says:

      I believe both may be true.

    • Midget Spinner says:

      yeah, it would make sense. Plus, the Traveler looks a bit like a giant Ghost right now. I hope they won’t just undermine all the drama and bring back all the slain characters but it seems like that’s the level of power we’re dealing with

    • DoubleBack says:

      If so at least Ikora isn’t dead yet cause she isn’t all ghosty like Cayde is

    • Thorn342 says:

      ​@Code-Red424 im pretty sure this is the witnesses home world. The traveler is gone and the final shape that the witness originally wanted (light without chaos) is

  6. Voups says:

    Something about the visuals of the portal in the sky of an otherwise ordinary landscape gives me “peaceful apocalypse” vibes and I’m all for it. Excited to see more.

  7. Kidneystone says:

    just to hear how much Lance did before passing away, even in current seasons, and now seeing Nate coming back… this game has some true Legends between the voice actors that came along the way

  8. Lost Dares says:


    • Super Scott97 says:

      The Vanguard Hunter leader has returned time to get back to work

    • merlo17 says:

      This is Merlo-17. To all hunters lost in the void space, the eternal deserts of mars, the methane seas of titan, the mesas of the throne world, the shores of the reef of the dreaming city, the storms of Neptune, the snowstorms of Europa, the caves of nessus, the ravines of the moon, the junkyards of the cosmodrome, and the endless forests of the EDZ. I call out to you, whether you have laid down your weapons, or are still scouting the lands for the enemies of humanity, it is time for us to return to the light, to the last city! FOR OUR VANGUARD! CAYDE 6 HAS RETURNED!!! It is time for us to unite once again! For the last city! For Humanity! For the traveller! FOR CAYDE! AND ALSO THE TONS OF LOOT!!!

    • yayap52 says:


    • Nocturne says:

      and we thought drifter was going to be the new hunter vanguard omg💀💀

    • IX Crinos says:


  9. Catbark says:

    I started playing after forsaken. It was half a year before I played forsaken and in that time Cayde grew into my favorite character across any franchise. I was devastated. I am so excited to play a game with my favorite character alive in it.

  10. Parker Woodward says:

    Immaculate vibes, funky studio. The hype is immense, and my heart is full.

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