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Drilling holes n concrete in my eyes…..the best project ever continues.

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Track 1 is classical track from music library

Track 2 and 4 are by “Rock Cake” and are called “I don’t Care” and “Bad News”

Track 3 and 6 is called “Denihilism” by “Subtastics”


Track 5 is called “Brain Dead” by “Bedspin”
Visit http://bedspin.bandcamp.com

In a band? Want your music on my videos! Send your tracks to furzemail@yahoo.co.uk as all music on this channel is from viewers.

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40 Responses

  1. colinfurze says:

    Thanks to everyone that has fully got into this series as its the most work ever to make happen. Support this project anyway you feel, subscribe, like, share, become a channel member, buy some merch or even download the freetade app its up to you but hope you all enjoy it as much as i am.

    • Adam Paulley says:

      Colin needs his own TV show… Literally can’t believe the big tv show brands HAVEN’T snapped him up….👍🏻😋👍🏻 Keep up the good work Colin fucking LEGEND…👊👊😎😎😎

    • Midna Twilight says:

      I wonder if Colin will add bulkhead doors in the tunnel of his bunker? Yknow like the ones in subnautica? It might be cool outside the main bunker room. Like a security checkpoint just incase the bunker is breached 🤔

      Love the bunker project Colin!

    • Addicted2LeTube says:

      Precast Concrete Engineer here, firstly thank you for your content, I love it!. I wanted to ask … Have you considered using vibration when you do your pours? As well as using a concrete pump from the truck to your job? So much less work … you could temporarily attach a vibrator unit to the interior on each side of your formwork and power them with your hydraulics that are already in the tunnel. Pour the concrete, modulate the vibration while sitting in the tunnel have a beer. The concrete will flow and compact eeeeeeeasily. The vibrating formwork literally does the job of compaction for you!

    • LightningwingDragon says:

      You sir, totally need to build a minecart to move that rock. Minecraft style!

    • Robert Ružić says:

      Mad genius my idol inventor …

  2. Mister Flak says:

    I guarantee you that this series is your favorite series that Colin has ever done.


  3. Missing Persons Mysteries says:

    He is literally preparing for the end of the world before our eyes – yet here we are thinking it’s just entertainment. 😂😂😂

  4. Richard Mattingly says:

    How about a periscope on another bore hole with a garden troll on the top to disguise it so they could spy on those above. Indeed putting it into the bunker would be a cracking bit of fun so those below let their inner U Boat commander out. Colin put vintage phones would be a hoot as well especially if they were labeled so 10 Downing St would be the kitchen and of course Buckingham Palace would be to the parents…

  5. Auto Addiction says:

    I got so much work to do this evening… Wait, a new TUNNEL video?! I know what I’ll be doing for the next 21 minutes! 😀

  6. himselfe says:

    Moment Colin takes off his safety tie, he falls over and gets cement in his eye. Wear your safety ties kids!

  7. linkfain1 says:

    I think the biggest reason everyone is so obsessed with this series is he’s doing some cool project we dreamed of as kids. He can afford it, knows how to do it, and has the means to get it done. He’s also taking us for the ride and he’s an awesome likeable guy rather than the crappy couples that do fix and flip house demo projects you see elsewhere. Also, was anyone else sad that it was a furze bundle box and not Colin Furze sneakers??

  8. I did a thing says:

    This series is a favourite of mexican cartels

  9. Finnigan Mallett says:

    I love how his whole channel is perfectly described in one scene. Collin laughing maniacally as he rubs concrete out of his eye 18:55

  10. zh84 says:

    Can you imagine when this house is sold?
    “And there’s a secret bunker under the garden with a tunnel leading to the house.”
    “Was the previous owner a survivalist?”
    “No, he was a mad plumber.”

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