New Year’s 2022: Dubai puts on dazzling fireworks, laser show at Burj Khalifa

New Year’s 2022: Dubai puts on dazzling fireworks, laser show at Burj Khalifa

Dubai, United Arab Emirates welcomed the new year with a mesmerizing display of fireworks from the world’s tallest building, the iconic Burj Khalifa.

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37 Responses

  1. MR. BLueITAChi says:

    Another year just passed damn time really flies i remember watching the 2021 ver it was like yesterday

  2. Saikat Ghosh says:

    It’s looking so beautiful
    Just Yesterday only there was 2021 but today is 2022 , time is just going to fast .

  3. the Unrepentant says:

    Highest marks for originality. So far, Australia seems to be the most spectacular. Sydney first with Paris a close second, a virtual tie.

    • OsakaRose says:

      SYDNEY : PHENOMENAL!!!! But they didn’t let us comment that on the channel.

    • Born To Climb says:


    • TRX X says:

      What made Dubai special this year, is not only Burj khalifa but the spectacular new year celebration show in Expo area + Dubai’s Eye visual show with fireworks…… so nearly all popular spots had nice celebration so no one misses out.

      Search for these 3 places and see what I mean:

      Expo 2022 new year
      Dubai Festival City 2022 new year
      Dubai’s Eye 2022 new year

    • Kraft Punk says:

      Dubai has a more sophisticated presentation, Sydney is more intense and entertaining.

  4. SisiYemmieTV says:

    Beautiful 😍

  5. Paris says:

    The best in the world no other can compete with Dubai splendid amazing art work thank you Dubai

  6. 23anyer says:

    Happy New Year Dubai !!! World’s most extraordinary New Year’s celebration, Congratulations!!! ~Greetings from San Antonio, TX. USA~

  7. Great Bhakri says:

    Awesome! I’d love a behind the scenes of how everything was set up, that would be very interesting

  8. Madisin Archer says:

    This looks so grand! I hope to experience this live someday! Happy New Years everyone!

  9. Sengngin Yanchang says:

    Happy New year…May this new year bring warmth and happiness to every being on the universe 🎉❤️

  10. Avery the Cuban-American says:

    Well when your city is home to the world’s tallest building, you might as well take advantage of it. Love how soothing the music is, perfect for the craziness of the fireworks because as they say, opposites attract
    for those wondering why they showed the flags of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, and Kuwait: they are the members of the Gulf Cooperation Council. A group of Arab monarchies that the UAE is a part of that was formed to achieve unity and strengthen ties

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