Doctor reacts to unsettling ingredient found in coffee! #shorts

Doctor reacts to unsettling ingredient found in coffee! #shorts

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  1. Ono Licious says:

    Learned about “filth allowances” in high school. It’s not just coffee…it’s ALL foods. Peanut butter, ketchup….literally EVERYTHING. If it’s processed…it has filth allowance.

    • Germaine Aguilar says:

      @crazy giraffe That’s why we should eat slower look at your food open that hamburger , sandwich, Etc. Don’t just drink out of can or bottle you cannot see through buy a cup if you have to. After I heard about the peanut butter long time ago I started buying smallest amount so I could look through it a little at least but then I don’t eat a lot of peanut butter so it’s one and done

    • Internally Exhausted says:

      Damn not ketchup 😭😭😭

    • Internally Exhausted says:

      @Elena Fetter to be quite fair, bugs aren’t unhealthy or dangerous for you. In fact, if you can get past the fact that they’re bugs, they’re very healthy for you. They’re are plenty of processed chemicals that are far more dangerous, in fact, processed sugar is far more dangerous then a few bugs.

    • Aphro says:

      Our ancestors weren’t that picky either hehehe

    • Luca Brasi says:

      @KenshinJM with a side order of crickets

  2. 1R3VOLUTION says:

    Super glad to know I came into this content, I don’t buy pre-ground coffee however now I may since I grew up in a home that was cockroach infested so it will be nostalgic. Cheers

  3. Hippity hoppity your child is our property says:

    As someone who drinks coffee every day, I’m completely indifferent to this

  4. Blue says:

    Finally a reason to drink more coffee

  5. Charlotte says:

    I’m confused.. I worked for Starbucks for 2 years using beans which get ground up in store, not once did I see a cockroach. Does this only apply to pre-ground coffee? Why, if so? Or are the cockroaches small? You would definitely notice a bug in the whole coffee beans in front of you

  6. Some Random Weeb says:

    I’m Asian specifically South East Asian, and there’s nothing unsettling about this considering that I’ve eaten way scarier insects.

  7. Hunter Webster says:

    He’s not wrong, but it’s not as bad as it sounds.

    When processing foods like wheat, grains, etc., there will of course be insects on the grains or in the fields. It’s impossible to remove the bugs, let alone find them.

    But it’s really not that bad. By the time the food gets to you, any bug parts are so small it’s practically unnoticeable. And in most cases the food has been processed to the point it’s basically sanitized. Coffee, for example, has to be opened, roasted, and sometimes ground into powder. No bug in those conditions would have survived or even made it through intact without it being removed.

    Unless your bag has been tampered or you find one alive in your food, you’re okay.

  8. BirthdayGiraffe says:

    This is the case with most foods, one thing I learned in environmental science that was pretty cool is that smaller bugs make their way into most foods that are mass produced/processed. That’s why bread has little dark brown and black flecks in it, because the exoskeleton of the bugs was ground and spread throughout the bread at some point during production. Due to how impossible it is to keep bugs 100% out of food, the government allows smaller percentages of them to exist in foods. Another note is that they’re clean, so don’t worry about eating a disgusting roach or other bug from the floor of some gross place, as even if they weren’t clean, the small amount you consume won’t give you any dangerous amount of bacteria or anything

  9. Brock says:

    It’s crazy that food authorities allow a certain percentage of cockroaches in pre-ground coffee, that’s why I grind my own coffee and add as many cockroaches as I want

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