Don’t Try The Caves Update Alone…

Don’t Try The Caves Update Alone…


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In this new Gorilla Tag VR free update I tried the brand new cave update and cosmetics.


I do not own any of the music, pictures, overlays/chroma key, external video clips, or sound effects used in this video. Unless I do, which I usually don’t.

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29 Responses

  1. jmancurly says:


  2. BrandonAW says:

    Here’s a pretty cool game mode idea. In stump everyone will change their color code to black and take off all cosmetics. Then everyone will change their name tags to p ( it HAS to be specifically p). After that everyone has to turn up their contrast all the way up ( you can find the contrast setting in the oculus accessibility tab). When everyone has done these things then you must decide on the map. You can either play in basement within the maze or you can play in caves. The lava monke will stay in city for 20 seconds before coming to chase you. You cannot exit the map or else you will be disqualified ( or in this case you’d just get tagged ). To add to the spookiness you must mute every player before you enter the designated map that you have chosen. You can even add those spooky eyes that are in the shop for even more spookiness. When the lava monke tags you you must exit the map and unmute everyone. Once the lava monke counts to 20 then they will start to chase you. Last monke standing wins yada yada you get the point. I played this game mode with some friends of mine and it didn’t disappoint. Oh well have fun playing!

  3. Anti Hero says:

    I love how enthusiastic they both are, makes me happy.

  4. Jake3874 says:

    I love it how jmancurly is happy about having enough space to play in, without hitting the roof much.

  5. Oliver Müller says:

    Hey Jman, you should go into a lobby and tell everyone to turn their brightness ALL THE WAY down and their contrast ALL THE WAY up and have VMT stand in the mine carts with the eyes and have a code word to have him jump out and scare everyone! Just an idea

  6. Proxtion says:

    As much as i love the new map, I miss the way i used to go into mines just preparing to crap my pants. I miss those days and you helped me relive them for a little bit. Thank you :]

  7. JM says:

    Bro I just have to say if anyone deserves 2 mil it’s you you put in so much effort into your vids and we all appreciate it😊

  8. TopHatVR says:

    Jman back at it like always! Keep up the good work your videos always make everyone smile!

  9. Spod112 says:

    Love your content. You are changing the community for the better

  10. Gav7PlayZZ says:

    Watching jman screaming and making my eardrums bleed is always worth it for the entertainment he gives us

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