We Adopted a Baby.

We Adopted a Baby.

It has been the most incredible past few weeks of our lives.
We love you all so much!

#dellavlogs #adoption

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29 Responses

  1. DELLA VLOGS says:

    Watch till the end to learn the name 😊

  2. Brooklyn and Bailey says:

    Bawled through the entire video. Adoption has changed our life and obviously yours too- couldn’t be happier for y’all🫶🏼

  3. Adriane says:

    As an adopted child (now 24 years old) this is magical. Adoption truly is a gift. ❤ congratulations she is adorable!

  4. Gabbi Woods says:

    as a child adopted out of the foster care, this healed my heart and made me so happy! Cried during the entire video seeing how happy and fulfilling adoption can be! congratulations on your little beauty ❤

  5. Ashley Strand says:

    Who else started balling their eyes out as soon as Bella held her and started crying 😭❤️ so beautiful! And so happy for your little family❤️ you guys definitely deserve all the happiness 🙏

  6. Carmen Claybrooks says:

    I think Matt and Abby’s reactions were my favorite lol. Matt was so dumbfounded that his jaw just dropped and stayed there for a hot minute. It’s like all words just completely fell out of his head. 😂 And then Abby, you could just tell her heart was so full. 😭😭❤️

  7. Sue Stephan says:

    I never saw two people equally ready, fit and longing to be parents. You two are the most excited people to adopt. Forever parents.

  8. JUSTKASS says:

    I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS! 🩷 What a beautiful little Angel! Congratulations you two! Gods timing is always so perfect! 💞

  9. Jaylynn Hare says:

    I was adopted 9 years ago it’s such a beautiful and emotional thing I so appreciate you guys and I’m so happy for y’all
    I one hundred percent tested up watching this

  10. Taylor Nissly says:

    As an adopted child this is the most beautiful thing ever. Adoption is so so beautiful!! Congratulations ❤

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