Draymond Green Suspended Indefinitely | NBA GameTime

Draymond Green Suspended Indefinitely | NBA GameTime

NBA TV crew reacts to Draymond Green being suspended indefinitely for striking Jusuf Nurkic in the face. The NBA announced Green will be “required to meet certain league and team conditions” before returning.

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39 Responses

  1. @WanderingMind_ says:

    He earned it, he worked hard for it, about damn time.

  2. @adriansmith2295 says:

    This has happened before in this league with a player being suspended “indefinitely” and it was the incident with Gilbert Arenas in the David Stern era if anyone remembers it. That was when Arenas brought firearms into the team’s lockeroom and was suspended indefinitely. In the end it was a precursor to what became a 50 game suspension after a decision was officially made be Stern. This thing aint no joke, Draymond has gone too far and this can potentially lead to him missing more than half the season

  3. @EEDad401 says:

    It’s about damn time. The Warriors lost leverage with Draymond years ago saying things like, “Draymond is Draymond.”
    Listen, none of the rest of us get to act like this at work and get away with it.
    Time for the NBA to get involved and hold Draymond accountable before he truly injures another player.

    • @newera5238 says:

      😅😂 True! I KNOW I can’t just takeoff at work on my own vacation, or just actually being ME. I would have beeeen fired awhile ago!

  4. @rodneydeal9133 says:

    He keeps physically assaulting people time after time after time and no one does anything about it. He literally physically assault his teammates and anyone who disturbs him. It’s really sick.

    • @user-jl3to4nh2e says:

      Warriors should have fined and suspended him for assaulting Poole.

    • @Shindro69 says:

      its super funny how ex nba players try to defend him when he has no more defense, hes been doing terrible things in court.. 1 question i got, im not from US but im curious in ur answer: what will happened if nurkic or other white guy was the one who assault draymond or another black guy? u think that ex nba players that still defend green will have the same opinion?

    • @7FtFarmer says:

      @@user-jl3to4nh2e *fired. I for one believe if you punch another perosn in the league you are now banned from the NBA for life. That would set the precedent to keep your mind BASKETBALL oriented on the court as an NBA player.

  5. @raulr9877 says:

    He literally punched him in the face and tried to play it off. One thing to be a good defender but another to just physically assault someone like that for no reason!!!

    • @DeanGl says:

      To top it all off, Nurkic was barely touching him. Just normal incidental contact when jockeying for post position–even less that actually. He just put his hand on him. Idk where that shit from Draymond is even coming from.

    • @antonioalexandercastro3520 says:

      And when the guy went down, he looked like a boxer who just KO’d another guy. No remorse. Not even an act of trying to help the guy, even if it was just an “act”. He stood there like the guy deserved it. Deserved it for what, guarding him? It wasn’t even a tough guard as he was nearer the 3pt area than the box.

    • @roycedot says:


    • @imhereforitall9218 says:

      I hope he fights it. The guy apologized and we should take him on his word. He is a good person. People trying to cancel him is so dumb.

    • @bladezx4880 says:

      He deserves that punishment. It’s not a game anymore if you start hurting people with your antics. Hitting players in the nuts, stepping on their chest, flailing your arms with malicious intent, stupid donkey green had it coming. donkey go bye bye lmaoooooo

  6. @byalexmedia7682 says:

    Draymond would have a criminal record for assault if he committed those acts on the street. Its crazy how he’s tried to choke somebody, stomp on a player’s chest, or slap somebody in front of millions of witnesses on NBA court, only to get time off from games and a little fine instead of charges. I really hope the NBA takes justice for violence instead of letting these players off the hook so easily. Also I hope TNT and other broadcasting networks do not see this opportunity to hire Draymond for his analysis on the game. We do not need to give him more promotion for his behavior.

  7. @MrZenMaster says:

    you just can’t whack people like that in the NBA! Or choke dudes, or kick them in the nuts, or stomp on their chest etc. Draymond has to get the message now it’s beyond ridiculous

  8. @weliveinasimulation. says:

    How can someone with so much malice show absolutely no remorse, contrition or accountability? Green is the definition of a psychopath.

  9. @ezp8811 says:

    Finally, it’s about damn time they did something about it. This was CLEARLY no accident. To me indefinitely means until further notice… he should miss significant time and rightfully so. League waited long enough, it was starting to look like hitting people and kicking in the nuts was exceptable!

  10. @Noeau says:

    Glad Commish showing some balls. The object is to stop the behavior. Last 5 game suspension wasn’t even close to working. Long suspension sends strong message that the next step will be career ending. Also, it hopefully sends a message to Warriors that they need to take action instead of coddling him and basically turning a blind eye in fact saying we need him. I think Commish should punish the Warriors for allowing and not doing anything about his reckless behavior. Hit um where it hurts to stop his antics once and for all.

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