New York Giants vs. New England Patriots | NFL 2022 Preseason Week 1

New York Giants vs. New England Patriots | NFL 2022 Preseason Week 1

New York Giants vs. New England Patriots – Highlights | 2022 PreSeason Week 1, 08/11/2022
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38 Responses

  1. Michael Dauria says:

    Regardless of who you’re a fan of. One thing is for sure football is back.

  2. Aayla Breast Vlogs says:

    Every Giants and Patriots game I’ve ever watched has always been a damn good game. And when it comes to games that matter, we got the upper hand☺

  3. Derrick Jones says:

    I don’t care that it’s preseason, it’s just great to watch competitive football again. It was a loonnnnnggg off-season lol

    • NASCAR Gamer says:

      @LaMelo Ball it’s preseason

    • LaMelo Ball says:

      @Drummer Drummer especially after the teams worked their kinks out and got better. Everyone watched it week 1 and was like you see they amateur pretending that even week 2 of the NFL still feels like preseason… since most starters are then getting game reps

    • LaMelo Ball says:

      @blacksmokematters seeing where the rigging takes place. Figuring out what the script is Plus it’s exciting to win all dem bets.

  4. Teshawn Lewis says:

    Can’t believe I’m watching NFL highlights rn this season couldn’t come fast enough 🔥

  5. 1990Thunderbolt says:

    Whether it’s a preseason, regular season or in the Super Bowl. The Patriots Giants game will always end in a thriller!

  6. Jack Marchese says:

    Would be cool to see the Giants do this a few times this season when it counts 😂

  7. Ashton G says:

    Man I’m excited NFL Football is Back even though it’s preseason. Thank y’all for uploading highlights. Cannot wait to watch Niners and Bucs preseason games. Whether it’s on TV or here the highlights.

    • Rihanna pour 💋👇 says:

      All very beautiful. But first together the numbers 10 and 1. One brunette and another blonde. It would be unfair if I choose two are my favorites at the top of the female beauty son…

  8. Lepperex says:

    I really like the way they designed the score board at the bottom for this game

    • Mike L says:

      @The Rabbit cause it’s the patriots network broadcastof it, since they were the home team. I agree, it looks dumb.

    • The Rabbit says:

      I agree, it’s sleek and kinda old school. I like it.

      I don’t know why they have the Patriots name beside NY’s score box though. Maybe because it’s their home game.

  9. Paul Gaither says:

    Before this game, there were a lot of negtive reports about the Patriots offense struggling vs the Pats 1st team defense.
    I was just thinking to myself, doesn’t “everyone” struggle against the Pats first team defense? Aren’t Bil’s defenses typically top ranked with few exceptions?

  10. AceToEarth says:

    Zappe has truly beautiful ball placement at times.

    • Angel Kargbo says:

      @DorkJelly yeah I agree!

    • AceToEarth says:

      @DorkJelly this is the worst take one could possibly come up with.

    • DorkJelly says:

      Lol no. They were all actually horribly placed. If those were actual starting corners all of those would have been picks…every single one.

      His arm strength is horrible, so many under throws…that luck wont work in real games.

      Its just like the Malik highlight that they keep showing…yes it was a 48 yard pass, but only worked because the meme corner back veered off for no reason and left the dude wide open, but the ball was under thrown and would have been picked in coverage lol.

    • Niel says:

      @Corey Usavich corners had over the top leverage. The only possible way to throw a go is back shoulder. Maybe a couple weren’t exactly where he wanted eem but they were the right style

    • Corey Usavich says:

      They praised those back shoulder throws but I’m not totally sure those were intentional. And that last TD should’ve been over the top but he doesn’t have the strength to get it their. Against 1st D most of those would be picks. Max has nothing to worry about.

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