Dual Releases – Scott The Woz

Dual Releases – Scott The Woz

Scott’s seein’ double!

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42 Responses

  1. Vailskibum says:

    Imagine if this video released twice at the same time

  2. Leonhart says:

    Seeing Scott with Pokemon in thumb; never thought I’d see the day

  3. Clark says:

    Scott The Woz videos begin with a “Hey all, Scott here!”, so the video truly begins at 19:01. I can’t believe Scott uploaded a 2 minute video and it’s still hype.

  4. Monolith says:

    Watching Scott crumple that DS like a McDonalds breakfast biscuit made me feel actual physical pain

    • Irreve-rsible says:

      It’s a real DS, which is what hurt me. The screen was geniune, I could tell.

    • Wakefieldneo says:

      @NoonDragoon my original DS practically crumbled on its own when i didn’t use it for a year and grabbed it out to find out there was no way i was ever using it again as the hinge had completely come apart so i have very different feelings

    • Superstrike_11 says:

      @Anonymous Lucario Hurt my soul. Crumpling/breaking any video game system kinda hits me in the feels.

    • The Illusionist says:

      @Anonymous Lucario Chill dude

    • NoonDragoon says:

      If it was an actual DS I’m more impressed than anything. I had that original model, they’re quite sturdy. Mine fell out of my pocket down the stairs of a baseball stadium and only had a few dings on it.

  5. PhantomBlade says:

    Megaman doing the split release on the GBA is probably the best example ive ever seen of it happening.
    Each version has a completely different set of playable characters and a slightly different story for each character to justify the difference and each character has a unique moveset leading to more of a justified reason to actually PLAY both if you want to.

    • Andrew Foose says:

      @PhantomBlade You just triggered a flashback to the six months I was stuck on the Undernet ranking quest in BN3, because in order to continue the guy wanted a bird, and there are many bird related things in the game, but the specific thing he wanted was an origami crane tucked away in the corner of the hospital, that was never brought up in any dialog.

    • V-jes says:

      Yet Megaman Battle Network 5 is 1 of the best examples how to screw those up, as Team Colonel is just the updated canon version of the game, with MBN6 completely ignoring Team Protoman like it never existed…

    • common viewer says:

      @Kareem Nofal I’d argue BN3 is the best to start with. 1 has a maze for an over world with no map, and 2 has a lot of backtracking. There are plot points that are missed if you didn’t play the first two, but if you’d rather focus on the gameplay, 3 is better.

    • joebove4 says:

      Agreed. I’ve got a lot of fondness for Battle Network, and the dual versions felt special to me both because it felt really well thought-out and different, especially in 5 and 6, but also because starting with 3, my brother and I shared the series, each picking a version and playing in tandem.

    • Firdaus FDZLH says:

      @Banjo Yep, i was about to mention that. Forgot the words for it—backtracking.
      To anyone interested in playing Megaman Battle Network, a warning: There’s a LOT of backtracking in this game, so you gotta get used to hopping from action to puzzle solving to action again.

  6. Joseph :D says:

    “Which dog did you choose?”


    Scott The Woz is truly an irreplaceable icon of this platform 😭😂

  7. Mickhail Reeves says:

    Scott’s dedication of buying fates when he’s not a rpg is admirable

  8. GravityApe says:

    Fun fact for anyone who cares, Nier wasn’t supposed to be a dual release. Replicant was originally going to be the only version before Square decided that Americans wouldn’t want to play as a Teenager and made the devs make another version with an older character, which is why only Gestalt released outside Japan originally. Replicant was the only one that was remastered later since it was supposed to be closer to the creator’s original vision and included scenes cut from the original game.

  9. Omoi Senpai says:

    Watching this while I have a blackout through the hurricane. 😅 Scott’s been on a roll!

  10. Patterrz says:

    Love the amount of Pokemon Slander in this video, imagine playing Red version lmfao

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