El Niño Is About To Completely Change Our Weather…

El Niño Is About To Completely Change Our Weather…

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In this video, we are talking about how El Nino will be changing our weather in December…

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31 Responses

  1. @RyanHallYall says:

    Use code HALLYALL50 to get 50% off your first Factor box at https://bit.ly/45gVrWX !

  2. @Cowcraft_hunter5 says:

    It’s always good to know the weather and Ryan explains it in a very good way, so you really know what’s happening

    • @samfalcon says:

      I am getting really sick of no snow winters

    • @Cowcraft_hunter5 says:

      @@samfalcon me too

    • @sammylacks4937 says:

      When I first heard of El Nino and La Nina I had no idea what they did or why either was a big deal. The more I’ve learned about weather the more I understand our weather makers and that enables me to learn even more.
      My respects to Yall weather people/ storm chasers. There’s a lot to learn and know when it comes to weather. Just when I feel I’m getting it something new shows how little I really know.

    • @TermlessHGW says:

      All me and my kid want to know if there will be plenty of snow this winter here in Staten Island, NY…

    • @TTFN55 says:

      @@TermlessHGW – Looks like that’s going to happen. If we get any in Clearwater, I’ll gladly donate it to you!

  3. @NoahandZoey says:

    Thank you Ryan for all the weather updates, you’re my favorite weather guy

  4. @alexandra161975 says:

    Ryan is doing what I call “living in your purpose”. It’s a beautiful gift to humanity! 😊

  5. @matta.5363 says:

    Ryan’s forecasts are so much better than local tv news. I love the long-range maps.

  6. @petersonkid2 says:

    Don’t sell yourself short. You are a Magical Weather Wizard. The way you explain things helps me explain to my kids why the weather behaves the way it does.

  7. @georgekahn3313 says:

    Thank you Ryan. This video exemplifies why your channel is getting more and more popular. Excellent content and you’re always edjicaytun us

  8. @keithfrantz1083 says:

    Thanks for everything you do bud! I am a carpenter and we are always outside and this helps so much! Happy Holidays brother to you and yours! Love ya!

  9. @Ace_isstressed says:

    Hey Ryan, thank you so much for what you do. I love meteorology and thanks to you and others, my passion for it has only increased. From your videos, I’ve learned to read radar and how to predict things better and more accurately than I used to, so again, thank you so so much!!

  10. @gamingthuglyferhec5146 says:

    Best meteorologist on the planet, thank you for being you Ryan Hall. We appreciate your weather forecasts so much, keep it up!!

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