Elden Ring Any% Speedrun in 28:59 (WORLD FIRST SUB 30 MINUTES RUN)

Elden Ring Any% Speedrun in 28:59 (WORLD FIRST SUB 30 MINUTES RUN)

New route is omega fast. What will tomorrow bring us?

Keep up with the run at https://www.twitch.tv/distortion2

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36 Responses

  1. Froz3n says:

    That Radagon + Elden Beast was so clean. Congratz!

    • Pluto Holmes says:

      @Floki cringe + bait + no maidens

    • Dose1 says:

      @Reallysadweeb Ok subscribe to my twitch channel im doing a sub 30 minute run when i reach 50k followers this games so easy i can do this in my first playthrough never even played a dark souls game but i know its easy as shit cuz im a pro gamer

    • Brett Schuller says:

      We all know floki got ratiod…

    • li shen says:

      @Floki he`s a content creator
      wasted hours on a game
      thats you
      not him 😀

    • Zst0rme says:

      Super clean run, curious to know if he will consider trying the running up to the left of Radagon so he doesn’t activate. Not sure if that would save time or not

  2. unfaithful says:

    the progress in your speedrun is just insane. wouldnt be surprised with a sub 20 anytime soon lmao

  3. Nero_PR says:

    Dist is almost that living meme of the old arcade machines where we’d find all the rankings on the leaderboards filled with a single name. Man beating his own records on a daily basis. Congrats man!

  4. Herman Falck How says:

    I am really looking forward to the Platinum speedruns. I got a feeling those will be really fun to watch and we’ll see a lot of really creative approaches to how to do all the important bosses and get the main items as soon as possible. Not that runs like this isn’t impressive, it’s just a lot of running and skipping.

    • seplop says:

      @Massive CENT you’d wanna do Renna ending and all the bosses in Journey 1. Journey 2 has 50% hp increase and Journey 3 would have 60%.

    • Stikz says:

      @yunglink only need radahn for ranni not frenzied so could be a huge time save only having to fight his ass once but 5 is cutting it close for sure I agree

    • Massive CENT says:

      @yunglink With good routing you’d probably do the frenzied flame ng, renna ng+, and elden lord ng+2. And I’d wait until ng+ before doing cleanup as bosses and enemies have only slightly more health and damage in early ng+’s and by then you’d have high levels and op equipment. I honestly think sub 4 hours would be pretty easy for an experienced runner.

    • Scarlette says:

      @yunglink I mean… yeah. All remembrances is like 2 hours so far and Dist just set a 28 minute WR. It’s absolutely doable in under 5h.

    • yunglink says:

      @Klujma I mean, if save scumming isn’t allowed (which I’m pretty sure it isn’t), do you really think they can do two pretty hefty runs (both frenzied flame and renna endings require you to kill Radahn and do a couple of secret areas), with one of them requiring them to kill most if not all bosses, and a third any% run in under 5 hours?

  5. Snuffy ! says:

    THERE IS NO WAY…. Yesterday I watcheded your two last world records and today when i wake up you suprise me with another world record! Congrats man, keep it up!!!!

  6. SwearDie says:

    I didn’t want to watch any speedruns so as to avoid spoilers but… That was so fast I have no idea what I was watching.

  7. MrIvang1234 says:

    I haven’t even customized my character and this man already got a speedrun record ☠️

  8. Kuku says:

    the runs just keep getting crazier and crazier love it man keep it up

  9. TheFubz says:

    it’s the ability to maintain convo with chat at the same time that really impresses me

  10. Matrix says:

    An even more amazing run by a truly amazing player. Huge congratulations

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