Elemental: ANOTHER Box Office DISASTER for Pixar…

Elemental: ANOTHER Box Office DISASTER for Pixar…

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59 Responses

  1. Saberspark says:

    Brought to you by the new Honda Element or something stupid like that

  2. One species -Human says:

    I don’t think Disney is sabotaging Pixar but I think Disney’s trying to make Pixar more like Disney

  3. Myau says:

    I found it weird how an important plot point was that Ember was afraid to touch Wade, even though Ember can touch paper with no ill effects.

  4. Markus Szelbracikowski says:

    I loved how small and self contained Lucca was. I adore that movie. Wish Pixar could go small instead of big with their concepts.

    • CitrisFizz says:

      Yeah Luca was cute with the design and the story was really good for how short it was compared to toy story.

    • DieFarbeLila88 says:

      Luca was like the Pixar version of a ghibli film. I wouldn`t mind if they did that again every now and then ❤

    • Nyuk, just a commenter says:

      I think one of the issues is that they had big concepts and big stories with them

      Now they have big concepts with very small stories in them and it only worked when they went small concept to match

    • Stellar Rose Mix 🌟 🌹 says:

      The water and fire people was hard to make. Cut them some slack

  5. Jim L.Stone says:

    I think a major issue is all the movie releases happening all at once. Like Spiderverse 2, Elemental, Flash, Little Mermaid, and Transformers have all been released in the past few weeks, so people are being picky about which movie to go see because of prices being so high. It also doesn’t help that Disney/Pixar are releasing their movies so close to one another, effectively self sabotaging themselves

    • ChronoFlation says:

      Eh, summer blockbusters have always done that and it hasn’t stopped others releasing in this same window from succeeding. I think people are just burnt out on the Pixar formula and the Disney “live action remake” formula. Even the girls I knew in college who were still singing Frozen songs in 2016 were starting to complain or skip releases around that time. They need a break from their formula for at least one major release just to let people miss it again

    • n0m4nic says:

      @ChronoFlation Usually, it isn’t the same company dumping them all at the same time. But I will digress, I don’t think they are cannibalizing each other because no one wants to watch any of them. But I will point out, Disney employees are also constantly getting n their own way. Things like one of the actors for their new show saying that people who don’t like Captain Marvel are incels afraid of strong women, the new cartoon VA saying that it doesn’t matter that the Spanish is improper because its a language of colonialism, or the writers for Marvel comics complaining how much comics have destroyed them, the negativity permeates through so much of the company. They are needlessly confrontational with the people who buy their stuff. Compare that with Illumination with Mario, they took a popular franchise and didn’t fuck it up to own anyone.

    • Maro Cat says:

      ​@ChronoFlationthe problem is too disney doing it all. With different creative energies there would be freshness and distinction.

      But there isnt,because disney dont has to try to take creative risks, because they own most of the rivals.

    • JuriAmari says:

      @Maro Cat I think that may be part of the problem too. Disney has gotten so big that they had multiple flops and they’re still going. But the flops are films that actually would’ve been great if they spent a bit more time on the editing floor or the writers were able to go deeper.

    • Damien Darkside says:

      During every economic downturn, people will go to the movies. Every economic downturn has increased profits for theatres because out of any activity outside of the house, going to the movies is still affordable. Out of the last eight recessions, ticket admission has gone up six times and admissions five times during them. We’ve proven that people PREFER the movies when there are hard times. Escapism is a strong pull, and Elemental offers 0% escapism. Mermaid isn’t doing very hot either, as Disney is discovering that white people may actually *not* be the most racist people on the planet and again, offers very little due to everyone seeing the vastly superior TLM’89 when it came out.

      Super Mario? HELL YEAH LETS-A-GO! Spiderverse? WEB SLINGIN’ WHOOOOO. Being told to get along together in a world that reflects the divisions of our modern society as we’ve become more and more fractured and it seems like we might not be able to come together and we are more like fire and water? Uh… pass…

      Transformers? FUCK YEAH ROBOT EXPLOSIONS ANd oh hey it’s already made it’s money back second weekend and is now making a profit. Think we see a pattern?

  6. Terminalsanity says:

    I think Elemental flopped for primarily for 2 reasons:

    1. The underlying themes and plot of social/racial divisions being worked through and bridged via a romantic relationship is well tread ground in and of itself it just isn’t novel. Its not repellent by any means it just doesn’t make one go “Ooo interesting” so much as “Oh they’re doing that again, okay.”

    2. The gimmick of these Elemental beings and the world they inhabit just isn’t intuitive in a way that immediately makes you start imagining the possibilities and how they can play with them instead kind of leaves with a directionless blank slate beyond fire people can burn plant people, water people can put out fire people.

    Between those to things I think people kind of shrugged the film off.

  7. MiiMoogle says:

    Like what other people said, I think this movie could’ve worked better as a short film.
    I think it’d be quite interesting if Pixar/Disney made shorter, more well thought off stories and all included it in one hour long compilation; kinda like Fantasia but without the music.

    • Benjamin Robinson says:

      If they could get four shorts that had some broad theme in common, that absolutely could work.

    • Inary Salazar says:

      yes, it 100% could have worked better as a short film. The simple love story between two elements that can hurt each other is the only thing that made the movie good.

    • Maro Cat says:

      Yes complementary stories would be hreat, they could even intersect.
      Especially with that concepts.
      Or have jumping inbetween characters and their stories. Ex9loring how various people live and explore rassism

      Through works way better with animals. Hell even monster.

    • Snail The Lost Cow says:

      I mean, isn’t the premise is literally that short comic from years ago?
      It ended with both dying but reunited as they turned into smoke from their ashes

    • Maro Cat says:

      @Snail The Lost Cow i donk kn8w that but it sounds good

  8. plucas1 says:

    Studio Ghibli is easily the match for Pixar’s streak of quality in the 2000s

  9. HunterCool22 says:

    Elemental being released around the same time as Spider-Verse was automatically a death sentence honestly

    • Farnaz Aliko says:

      Yeah, bad timing😓

    • Stellar Rose Mix 🌟 🌹 says:

      Not every movie needs to be like spider verse lmao

    • Shaderka USA says:

      ​@Stellar Rose Mix 🌟 🌹bruh he brought up Spiderman cause most people only go to the movies so often. So everyone went to see Spiderman do to the hype instead of watching element. They weren’t comparing the movie to spiderverse. Use your brain

    • YettiSpaghetti says:

      @Stellar Rose Mix 🌟 🌹 That’s not what they’re saying. Obviously Spider-Verse was going to be one of the most anticipated sequels so any movie that released around the same time of it was going to suffer due to the majority choosing to watch Spider-Verse over anything else.

    • Trueshogunate says:

      ​@Stellar Rose Mix 🌟 🌹They’re saying “released” the same time as spider-verse, meaning it’s in theaters at the same time.

      If you only have money and time to see one movie between elemental and spider-verse, most ppl would pick spider-verse for various reasons, so this is very unfortunate for Pixar.

  10. Katiecakes L says:

    I really feel like elemental would have been way more effective as an examination of toxic relationships and how you can love someone but if you keep hurting eachother you need to let eachother go.

    • Stella Pearl says:

      this is actually a good idea

    • ChronoFlation says:

      That’s kinda awesome but also the legit opposite message of what it seems like they wanted the message to be.

      They actually tried to force this so much, the more political viewers might even see the failure and nonsense if this movie as an allegory for pushing acceptance too far to the point where people will put each other at actual risk for the sake of acceptance. Or others may see it as driving the point that acceptance should be done no matter the pain and risk it brings, even if life threatening. Honestly, Saber’s description just made me think of Twitter arguments and now I can’t un-think it

    • spunchbop scareplants says:

      That might be too mature and hard to understand for kids though

    • Calamity Sangfroid says:

      @spunchbop scareplants Agree it would have never been approved by The Mouse, even Soul was on thin ice and got shafted in terms of marketing I believe

    • DIERSTEIN Julien says:

      Toxic relationships?
      You mean, like
      Turning red
      …it’s been a bit overdone lately

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