Victor Wembanyama On Being Called “The Greatest Prospect Ever”

Victor Wembanyama On Being Called “The Greatest Prospect Ever”

Our guest this week is none other than the upcoming #1 pick in the 2023 NBA draft (likely to the San Antonio Spurs), Victor Wembanyama. We get into so much with him but in this teaser, Wemby talks about the pressures that come with being named “The Greatest Prospect Ever.”

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39 Responses

  1. JJ Redick says:

    “I’m free in that universe…” — What a line. Full interview drops tomorrow and it’s so good. Subscribe if you haven’t and we’ll see you there.

  2. LasVillafrancas says:

    God, please let this kid have a career with minimal injury. What a gem! 🚀

    • 29krazyk says:

      Why bring up any injury at all I don’t understand you people in this negative mindset. I know you’re playing against it but I also see people saying the same thing why jinx it why have any inkling of that happening

    • Journey says:

      @29krazyk players over 7 feet are more injury prone and have shorter careers statistically and history shows it.

    • ILikeThatFun says:

      He’s going to struggle to stay on the court with that frame

    • Medicinal Blood says:

      @29krazykfacts don’t care about your feelings

    • facey Kad says:

      just a porzingis 2.0. Wemby is gona be the biggest bust hype ever😂😂

  3. michaeloka4 says:

    Wise beyond his years. Will absolutely be rooting for this kid’s success not just in basketball but in life.

  4. Bille says:

    I pray that Wembanyama stays injury free and get to inspire people through his hard work and love for the game.

  5. Sabba Sarishvili says:

    Mind is sharp, attitude is perfect, seems incredibly mature for his age and talent is mind blowing, I can’t wait to see him play, and oh, by the way, JJ is by far, the best thing to happen to basketball media in a VERY long time! ❤

  6. Brandon M says:

    As a musician, the way that he answered the first question is what it’s like whenever you really develop a proficiency for playing whatever your given instrument is. It’s cool to hear somebody talk about basketball like that, or rather in such a way that I am really looking forward to watching

  7. Kuns says:

    He got the class, the charisma, the talk and the skills to back it all up. Can’t wait to see you Wemby

  8. Discipline8193 says:

    “I wish I was free in the universe”
    “You are”

    Thats it. Thats the moment. This kid not only has immense, unconditional confidence in what he can do, he just went out of his way to instill that confidence in JJ. Just with that little line. Damn.

    • jamming penguin says:

      He’s gonna have a long career and it’s gonna be something special to watch man

    • TooSeriously says:

      Big facts. I thought the same thing.
      Ordering a Wendy jersey rn 😅

    • ChazzyPhizzle1 says:

      @jamming penguinI really hope so. People that tall normally don’t stay healthy sadly. Hoping for the best because he is going to be amazing to watch.

    • Alan Aldpal says:

      I am sure JJ does not feel entirely “free in the universe” because I am sure he feels some restraint or bondage to many obligations that he and most all of have, regardless of level of success.

  9. Fred Arthur says:

    “Accomplishing yourself inside this universe”- This statement is extremely profound. Victor found his life goal.

  10. RAL AMI says:

    Damn this young man is generational on and off the court. His parents including himself did one hell of a job!

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