Elemental – Is It Good or Nah? (Pixar Review)

Elemental – Is It Good or Nah? (Pixar Review)

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Schaff watches the latest Pixar “””””””””””classic”””””””””””!

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50 Responses

  1. JohnStone says:

    Let’s be honest, it’s not the worst movie Pixar has released, but releasing the last couple of movies straight to streaming hasn’t helped

    • Pro Wolf says:

      That wasn’t Pixar’s fault, it was Executives and the Pandemic combined

    • Beatriz Zacharias says:

      If only Turning Red was picked for theaters over Lightyear….

    • JH Entertainment says:

      @Beatriz ZachariasIMO Soul should have been the only Pixar movie released to Disney Plus everything after it should have gotten a theatrical release.

    • JonatasAdoM says:

      I suppose that’s why I haven’t heard about Pixar movies lately.

      I honestly can’t even tell with the exceptiin of this one if it is even a Pixar or a Disney Animation movie.

    • JonatasAdoM says:

      @prowolf633 They did it with Milan too.

      They could have at the very least relessed it together like Warner did.

  2. Will Power says:

    I’ve said this when the trailer came out: We need more stories with elements that don’t just focus on Fire and Water. Air and Earth can potentially make for interesting stories.

    • KapriSun and McFleury says:

      Maybe earth needs air and after a massive argument air runs away
      You could call it BreathTaken

    • KapriSun and McFleury says:

      Ngl I might write this myself. Anyone up for helping

    • Silentgirl#1 says:

      Honestly, they could have included better allegories. Like, imagine if fire girl sees water guy being sent down a sewer system and goes to help him cautiously. When they exit, they find a underground city with periodic table elements instead. This leads to a rag tag adventure where both need to work together to get back to their home city. Maybe they would have to find creative uses of their elements (like making a short boiling of water guy and fire girl’s to create steam to contact helium or something. Not too long due to the clashing elements, but enough to get the story along). Leave the relationship ambiguous so it is up to the viewer if they fall in love, so it isn’t just an opposites attract story. Maybe have some lore where the periodic table once made up the four elements above ground, but were forced underground for one reason or another (Slowly believing them superior because they can do things the PT Elements can’t do alone?)

      But that’s just a thought that I’m writing here. I hope you’re having a great day.

    • KapriSun and McFleury says:

      @Silentgirl#1 omg this is actually a banger idea. Can I use it before Disney lmao

    • A. Minibot says:

      In some ways, I honestly think air and earth would like… if you HAVE to make a racism allegory with these guys, those two might genuinely be the better fit? In the sense that you really have to reach in order to find ways that air damages earth, or earth damages air irl (barring, literal natural disasters). But it IS very easy to construct an argument for why they are very different things, and would spawn very different cultures – without being harmful to each other on a molecular level, in a way that undermines the reality of racism that these allegories try to represent (the differences between people are entirely aesthetic and cultural, and have nothing to do with any group biologically being a physical or existential threat).

      Like, if I picture an air person next to an earth person – neither of them flags in my mind as an immediate physical threat to the other. But it’s at the same time still a strong visual metaphor for cultural and aesthetic differences).

  3. Justrz says:

    This was probably the first Pixar movie that I saw where I thought to myself “Yeah, I’m too old for this” Which is a shame, since I really wanted to like it in spite of the bad marketing.

    Honestly the thing I’m worried about most is where Pixar is heading towards, considering their string of box office bombs and mixed audience reception.

  4. Callmejazzy says:

    As a Filipino person who’s mom immigrated here I liked it

    The fact that the fire girl felt pressure to do keep her fathers store and take care of it because it’s his dream and her feeling guilt for wanting more really hit home to me

    Also interracial couples get judged all the time like my mom and dad get dirty looks from people people just because their interracial

    • Blue says:

      Yeah people are hardcore overlooking that part of the movie… which is the WHOLE movie lol
      It was really touching and a good lesson for children and unfortunately some adults

    • NeutralGuyDoubleZero says:

      ​@Blue_910 Because an interracial love story featuring fire and water that destroy eachother on contact is one of the most generic premises ever thought of.

      People overlook it because it’s one of the first things that made people roll their eyes. “Love story between fire and water, oooo wow haven’t ever heard of that before”

      Same goes for “daughter that doesn’t want to be burdened with family business”. Cookie cutter plot tropes

    • Jordi Nagel says:

      @NeutralGuyDoubleZerowell, someone hasn’t seen the movie then…
      Because if you had, you’d know that the characters realize that their fretting over not being able to touch was pretty baseless all along. Tip for next time: before criticizing a movie for being basic, actually try watching it. It makes you look less like a nob.

    • Blue says:

      @NeutralGuyDoubleZero maybe it didn’t impact you that much because you’re white or never had immigrant parents, or maybe you’re just hard to please I don’t know 🤷🏼‍♀️

  5. Kira1Lawliet says:

    Over the last couple years, I’ve started giving into the idea that Disney as a whole has just crumbled into corporate mediocrity. I faught so hard against that feeling for so long, but I can’t ignore it anymore. Everything from Marvel to Star Wars to Pixar and even their homemade animations just feel sterile. There are times when I think it might just be my nostalgia for the good ol’ days warping my perception, but then I remember that I still loved movies like Moana and Encanto, and I still love some new Star Wars stuff like Andor and MCU stuff like GotG3 and No Way Home. Disney DOES still make really good stuff. It’s just, that’s the exception now, and not the norm.

    It’s a really bad feeling, as someone who grew up on Disney and who has been a passionate fan of their material up until recently. I could look past it if I thought it were just a creative slump like back in the post-Walt era or the mid-late 2000’s. But it’s clear that all the problems stem from the culture at Disney, and from the greed and moral decay that exists at the center of the corporation. The castle of Disney is decorated with bright colorful lights and smiles and imagination, but the inner chambers are cold and cynical. I really, desperately hope the new CEO will change things up a bit. I would be happy to see a return of the Disney of the 90’s, or hell, I’d even settle for a return of the Disney of the early 2010’s. But current Disney is just embroiled in too many projects and their priorities are in the wrong places.

    • Spacewhale says:

      Yeah 🙁

    • Cornelius Quincy Davenporticottingham says:

      Fitting that their brand symbol is a castle. People see a castle as whimsical and fantastical when most people forget that actual castles are *strong military tools* used for projecting military ppwer and imposing the king’s domination over territory. Disney is just conquering kingdoms and adding them to their empire, turning everything the same.

    • Raphael Zakhm says:

      Yeah, I realized that earlier myself but that doesn’t really matter, because I also feel the same on it and I feel sad about it. Now it is cool to hate Disney and all (with legitimate reasons, like their ever growing control of media and the entertainment industry) but they are responsible for so many classic movies that me and generations of people know and love that I simply cannot be indifferent to their legacy. Let us just hope that either they get back to the right track, or something else comes along with a similar spirit to replace it.

    • Reborn Humanoid TV says:

      I think what really hits home is seeing stuff like Spiderverse and Star Wars: Visions and realizing that the best things to come out of these franchises in years are the ones with the least creative input by Disney. Heck, one could argue that any creative spark in a recent Disney project whatsoever comes from people who work outside the system (Dana Terrace with The Owl House, James Gunn with Guardians) and what happens to those creators? They either get booted out or they leave in search of more creative freedom. It’s like Disney doesn’t even recognize talent that’s right in front of their faces.

  6. SansBazinga98 says:

    This movie was fine. That’s all I could really say after watching it. I would have liked more insight into the dad and why he felt animosity towards the water people. Like is it only because they were privileged? Was he wronged by someone at some point? Like there could have been whole character arc about not letting one or a few bad experiences cause you to view an entire group of people negatively. I did tear up a bit by the bow at the end though. The romance plot was ok, but it felt more like the water guy was already mature and developed and just guiding ember over to liking him without a real conflict, idk. Overall it was fine.

    Also if a water person evaporates wouldn’t they become a cloud person? And could a cloud person turn into a water person? I mean the guy did rain himself back to life at the end. Idk I feel the world could have been fleshed out more.

    • ButHeyThatsMyOpinion says:

      The way they were treated at the vivisteria tree

    • SansBazinga98 says:

      @ButHeyThatsMyOpinion I guess but that seems to be the only point he faced any kind of discrimination. And I mean…. That ARE made of fire so. I guess that’s where the race allegory falls apart.

    • Zceri says:

      Thought the movie was fine too, not great, but I’m pretty sure the fire dads prejudice stems from a storm destroying his previous home- so not like
      An actual water person

      Although that begs the question, shouldn’t he be prejudiced against air as well? They’re clouds. They bring storms. :/ movie was really confusing in that aspect, and many more

    • Jordi Nagel says:

      That’s one thing that kinda infuriates me. Criticizing the movie is all well and good, but there are so many that treat this movie, which is fine, as absolute scum dredged up from the bottom of a pestilent canal, just because it doesn’t live up to its predecessors. I get that expecting mediocrity is a bad trend, but expecting genius and being incensed when smg isn’t might be just as bad.

    • Emily V says:

      ​@SansBazinga98so water coming in and destroying his home before leaving with his pregnant wife, that was all in my head? Or were you in the bathroom for that part?

  7. Space Muhreen says:

    I feel the issue with allegory is that it works when its short and to the point like most old fables. When you make full length movies or shows with non-human characters to try and make a parallels, you run into the issue that the characters just aren’t human. On a fundamental level the two are different, and this often leads to only a surface level. “prejudice exists” yeah ok but thats a world of a difference between two humans being racist and like fire and water not being able to mix, or herbivore and carnivores furry characters. When its a short story about talking animals to teach a lesson, the fact they are animals doesnt actually matter to that fable.

  8. Calvin Clardy says:

    I think what is turning out to be one of the biggest restrictions for Pixar is that they have to stay victim to the “It has to work out in the end” trope of kids movies. Like, I felt that Soul had such a poinient ending that taught the stages of grief and accepting death, but then, they had to go and put him back on Earth in what felt like a corporate edit to make the movie “kid friendly”

    • 9tailjeza says:

      The scene where he comes to terms with his life and finds peace as he moved on was beautiful exactly as you said. Until some corporate asshat who doesn’t understand anything was like. Kids can’t see a sad ending!

    • Dr. Pepper says:

      Yeah, but that was at least somewhat acceptable since Joe’s entire character arc would’ve been for nothing if all he did was move on to the afterlife at the end. At least, in the PG ending, Joe can use the lessons he learnt to good use and live life to the fullest. Elementals just looks so sanitized and for kids, I wanna give it a chance but I’m skeptical if it’s actually worth my time.

    • David Vance says:

      Definitely. Soul was really close to being a great movie.

    • woodfur00 says:

      I actually went into this movie blind enough that they had me wondering if the big twist was that he really would die (mostly because it felt such a blatant copout for him not to). That could have been a great direction to take it, but no, we can’t have nice things

    • Voppo says:


  9. MrFish says:

    I wish they went with more of a periodic table element style. Would’ve like, brought so many new ideas.

  10. Borochi says:

    I laughed hard at Scha saying they seemed like ‘very good friends’ because YES from what I saw I felt less romance more best friends.

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