Elio | Teaser Trailer

Elio | Teaser Trailer

An out-of-this-world teaser trailer for Disney and Pixar’s 28th feature film, “Elio,” are now available. Additions to the voice cast include: Jameela Jamil and Brad Garrett join previously announced America Ferrera and Yonas Kibreab in the intergalactic misadventure that is scheduled to take off next spring—March 1, 2024.
For centuries, people have called out to the universe looking for answers—in Disney and Pixar’s all-new movie “Elio,” the universe calls back! The original feature film introduces Elio, an underdog with an active imagination who finds himself inadvertently beamed up to the Communiverse, an interplanetary organization with representatives from galaxies far and wide. Mistakenly identified as Earth’s ambassador to the rest of the universe, and completely unprepared for that kind of pressure, Elio must form new bonds with eccentric alien lifeforms, survive a series of formidable trials and somehow discover who he is truly meant to be. 
Directed by Adrian Molina (screenwriter and co-director of “Coco”) and produced by Mary Alice Drumm (associate producer of “Coco”), the film features the voices of America Ferrera as Elio’s mom, Olga; Jameela Jamil as Ambassador Questa; Brad Garrett as Ambassador Grigon; and Yonas Kibreab as the title character. “Elio” releases in theaters March 1, 2024.

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40 Responses

  1. Cas van de Pol says:

    yep this looks really good! i hope stitch shows up

  2. Vailskibum says:

    I’m just happy it’s original

  3. Joshua Mohlman says:

    No matter how old I get, the way Pixar animates their movies will always amaze me

  4. Looks By Naheemah says:

    Visually amazing and Elio talking with his mom was so adorable. Can’t wait to see the full story unfold

  5. Stormbreaker Rock says:

    Hey, this actually looks pretty good. I’m loving the animation style, character designs and the direction the story’s going. And I know Elemental is on it’s way to the big screen and I’m kinda the only one who doesn’t think it looks that bad the same way I didn’t think The Good Dinosaur was that bad, I thought it was just OK.

    • Mario Babbo says:

      From The Creators Of Finding Nemo, Inside Out, Wall-E and The Incredibles

    • cainification says:

      Yeah but The Good Dinosaur actually got mostly favorable reviews by major critics. As opposed to Elementals which is very mixed, average at best. I’m looking forward to Elementals too, I just don’t think it’s a great comparison.

    • B. B says:

      Tbh, the style is cute but it doesn’t blow me away but then again, it’s the sort of style that would definitely be pleasing to children (round, soft shapes and gentle colors). I also guess I’m being a bit critical after things like Puss in Boot: Last Wish and Spiderverse just rocked the way animated styles can look. It just feels like they’re playing it a bit safe with this style and have yet to really start pushing things like these other studios are

    • cainification says:

      @B. B we must have watched different trailers, the animation style & colors look insane. Cute? Lol

  6. Mr. G says:

    Pixar has always made the highest quality animation movies out there! I really hope this will not dissapoint! Looks amazing ❤❤❤

  7. ChillyChivy says:

    One thing Pixar never fails at is the pure eye candy too look at with thier films and this film looks amazing

  8. Kirby super star Uhh says:

    I love the designs of the aliens and their funky architecture here, I’ve always been fond of unconventional alien world design and cool creature design in general! My main and only big worry here is if it’s going to turn out like Strange World, which had similarly unique and stunning visuals but the story fell incredibly short and hollow.

    But it’s too early to tell and there’s no major red flags so far so I’m optimistic!

  9. A K says:

    Every time you think about what is next from Pixar and Disney in terms of creative storylines, they’ll come up with some bangers. Loved it!!!

  10. Roguefrogger says:

    This is a fantastic idea. It’s already clear that the story’s message is about his parents being too busy for their son.

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