F-160 Raiju review! – GTA Online guides

F-160 Raiju review! – GTA Online guides

In this video I take a look at the F-160 Raiju stealth fighter jet in Grand theft auto 5 Online.

Is it any good? well to find out I take a look at its speed and handling, the features it has such as the hover mode, the on board weapons as well as some of the customisations options!

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46 Responses

  1. hope-z y says:

    Fun fact the f-35 is mostly known for air to ground combat and it’s stealth/ long range capabilities. The f-22 is mostly the one doing the dogfighting

    • CodyGaming181 says:

      even though the F22 has a lower radar cross section… making it more stealthy…

    • Your Obelus says:

      But the f35 is still good in a dogfight even though neither really get in them because how stealthy they are

    • loony shots says:

      ​@Your Obelus Well no, the f35 has been proven tile and again to be horrible in a dog fight, being rather sluggish compared to every other jet it would encounter in a modern age. It’s just good that it would never need to get into dog fights, which is exactly why as I’m writing this I’m thinking of a dozen different ways of abusing the hell out of the stealth and hover expecally when used to cover friends on the ground which is usually what i use a b11 for.

    • Your Obelus says:

      If only the f22 was in the game

    • CodyGaming181 says:

      Another note, the F35 is the jack of all trades, the thing its best at is stealth, and its not even the best at that.

  2. Paul Swims says:

    I think this jet is perfect for PVE in a public session. The weapons are definitely good enough for killing the AI if you’re collecting cargo for a business plus VTOL obviously makes landing easier. And the stealth mode is perfect for travelling there and back to your building without being griefed since no one can see you on the map.

  3. BANDIT PETE says:

    I’ll be honest I love the jet but I wish the shakiness at tops speeds was less prevalent when banking

  4. FIRE STORM FOX 3692 says:

    I’m a plane fanatic and i just bought the raiju, fought for about 2 hrs it is very op and the hover mode is very much useful for dogfighting, i took down everything from oppressors to other raiju and just absolutely decimated everything, i honestly don’t know what else to say.

  5. Demo Playz says:

    Fun fact: the savage still has the old fire rate since it’s a helicopter so it’s a good way to compare the fire rate difference

  6. Christian Wilson says:

    I love that this jet has great strengths but also obvious weaknesses as well. It’s worth getting but doesn’t obsolete all previous jets

  7. MatchC06 says:

    If the thing can hover faster than Hydra then the VTOL might actually work in a dogfight sceneario.
    GTASA(SAMP) hydra sometimes involving its user to rapidly change in-and-out of VTOL to outmaneuver their opponent/do fast Air-to-Ground strike(the trick is heavily used by pros when SAMP were in it’s heyday, and youtube still preserves some prime example of it.), which I can see happening on this jet sometime in the future.

    • Your Obelus says:

      Do people make mony playing gta? Besides ad revenue

    • screm birb says:

      the vtol actually helps fighting agaisnt the B11s

    • Mark Bangug says:

      This is true. I have been using this during my SAMP dogfighting server days and it is a night and day difference when you’re using it against other opponents.

    • Anthony Mullins says:

      I already have used the Vtol to win dogfights twice today, you can pull off some whacky top gun bullshitery in this thing its great

  8. Bro M&G says:

    makes sense it’s not good at dog fighting since it’s based off the f-35 which is a air to ground superiority aircraft

    • j100j says:

      F-35 Has excellent missiles. Tough I am not sure if it can carry the IRIST or the meteor. Still really good in bvr.

    • Ignaz76 says:

      ??? There is no air to ground superiority, its just that the us didnt have to fight any planes in the last 20 years so the f35 became a precision bombing truck

    • Squadron of Crows says:

      @Ignaz76 Does help the US already have a plethora of aircraft that can take care of the A2A regime and is currently working on a replacement for the F-22 to maintain that dominance

    • Raide says:

      The F-35 is a multi-role aircraft. There’s no such thing as an “air to ground superiority” aircraft. You’re thinking of a Close Air Support (CAS) aircraft which the U.S. uses the F-15E and A-10 for.

    • Lamborgatti -47 says:

      @Ignaz76 nope the f22 was the first new gen of aircraft they wanted,similar time they were working behind f22 project to push the f35 out into service the following year of the raptor getting put in service

  9. roman s says:

    There will never be a plane more op than when the hydra first came out. Terror from the skies.

  10. Godly Frxst says:

    Honestly, this jet is really good. Its not too OP to the point where every jet us irrelevant compared to it. Some people dont understand rockstar is trying to make QoL improvements.

    • kristopher heiser says:

      Rockstar, seems to be going in a good direction with this game now which is good for the player base 🙂 And yeah this jet looks badass, kinda disappointed with the low dogfighting capabilities but I guess that’s left to the A10 warthog to fuck up what the raiju couldn’t 😉

    • SGSnake2X ! says:

      @kristopher heiseronly bad thing is the GTA+

    • Your Obelus says:

      ​@SGSnake2X ! And the new missions and achievements don’t pay any where near what they should

    • Average Alien says:

      This game should just stop already

    • TaZ K1 says:

      69th like, Nice

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