FC Cincinnati vs. Inter Miami: Extended Highlights | US Open Cup Semi-Finals | CBS Sports Golazo

FC Cincinnati vs. Inter Miami: Extended Highlights | US Open Cup Semi-Finals | CBS Sports Golazo

Lionel Messi and Inter Miami look to keep the good form rolling in the US Open Cup against one of the league’s best teams in FC Cincinnati.

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51 Responses

  1. Quillpoint says:

    Messi decided to take a break from scoring awesome goals and made two awesome assists instead. That second one was an insane setup.

  2. In Style Sensuals says:

    Miami needs to sign quality defenders asap

  3. EP 91 says:

    If Mess isnt scoring screamers he is giving PERFECTLY placed assist. It just takes one magic moment from the GOAT either through an assist, a last minure free kick or a banger through the net. He trully is an alien…. inevitable 🐐👽

  4. honeytgb says:

    That was a crazy amazing game. Worthy of a final. I felt sorry for Cincinnati — they played like champions.

    • AC COBRA 427 says:

      Thank the referee

    • killionaire says:

      @AC COBRA 427Either you didn’t watch the match, or you just don’t know football. Grow up kid

    • sjdrifter72 says:

      @killionaire You grow up, kid. The ref was clearly giving Miami every chance in the world to win this game, and they’ll win the US Open Cup. Just like the League Cup, this is a fix for Messi to win trophies since his team will most likely not make it to the MLS Cup playoffs.

  5. Ulysses Ortega says:

    What a game! Neither team were willing to accept defeat 👏🏼

  6. RIMINISSI says:

    as a neutral soccer fan, it just warms my hear to see that soccer is getting more and more popular..great game!

  7. LazyLamont92 says:

    Although Messi is the star, Callendar has benefitted greatly from the exposure. Dude’s amazing.

  8. TM says:

    What a ball for the second assist landed right on his head

  9. MedalGearSalad says:

    This game felt like a final, and I love that.
    Crazy to think Messi is on his way to get another trophy with the so called “weakest” team in the MLS. Messi Effect.

    • ReynieL says:

      Magical Messi

    • Rodrigo Valenzuela says:

      Tbf he also got busquets and jordi not just himself more like a Barca effect inter miami learned from their chem and play style

    • Santiago Hernandez says:

      So called? No, it IS the weakest league. Those are just facts.

    • David T says:

      No “so called.” They were the bottom of the table, then they signed three legends. To claim it’s now the same team is nonsense. To claim it’s all Messi is also. Without Busquets and Alba, he couldn’t do what he’s doing.

    • Spencer Pearson says:

      Miami is weak lol…they have one of the best players in the world and they could still barely eek out a win (even with the refs help lmao)

  10. SilentS says:

    This game was insane. I wasn’t expecting Miami to win but Messi always coming in clutch.

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