Welcome to the new Undisputed: Skip welcomes Richard Sherman, Michael Irvin & Keyshawn Johnson

Welcome to the new Undisputed: Skip welcomes Richard Sherman, Michael Irvin & Keyshawn Johnson

Skip Bayless introduces the new Undisputed cast featuring: Richard Sherman, Keyshawn Johnson and Michael Irvin.

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Welcome to the new Undisputed: Skip welcomes Richard Sherman, Michael Irvin & Keyshawn Johnson


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35 Responses

  1. UNDISPUTED says:

    Listen to The Skip Bayless Show podcast: http://sprtspod.fox/SkipBaylessShowPodcast

  2. Cloak CR says:

    Skip formed the Avengers 😂😂

  3. Earthly Lynx says:

    Haters can hate Skip but this dude makes things happen. Excited to see this new season of Undisputed !

  4. T S says:

    I’m going to miss Shannon immensely but I have to say Skip did an incredible job recruiting.

  5. Alex Garcia says:

    Not gonna lie I’ve had a smile on my face watching the new intro and seeing Skip introduce the new squad. I’m impressed as of now, can’t wait for football season to start so we can get juicier debates 🔥

  6. Maurice Givens says:

    Sad that Shannon gone, but this still got HANDS DOWN the best intro in television

  7. Beto says:

    Love the energy, love the vibes, love the new beginning. Great to have you back Skiiiiip!

  8. MrTcoe30 says:

    To see these dudes together after getting laid off from ESPN and The Playmaker gets falsely accused had had his career ruined at that time to bounce back on live tv and with Skip… I LOVE IT!!!! As a man that embraces and encourages other men to get better… THIS IS IT!!! Congratulations Richard, Keyshawn, And Michael!!!

  9. AdequateQuality says:

    And people were really doubting Skip’s ability to plan and execute 🔥 The mastermind behind Undisputed and First Take

  10. Nicolas Mondragon says:

    The magical opening with Skip spreading his arms with joy and greetings 😂😂😂

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