Film Theory: Falling DEEPER Into The Backrooms!

Film Theory: Falling DEEPER Into The Backrooms!

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We are noclipping our way back into The Backrooms. Since I last covered the series, we’ve gotten more to watch and dissect for new LORE! From breaking reality to time travel, nothing is out of the realm of possibility with this creepypasta series! Get your hazmat suits ready, we are going DEEP into the mystery of The Backrooms!

Check out the video that launched this deep dive by @Kane Pixels ! ►

The Creepypasta ►

The Game ►

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Forrest Lee
Editors: Koen Verhagen and Dan “Cybert” Seibert
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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35 Responses

  1. SimplyOrbital says:

    Nothing can stop the backrooms lore from expanding. I already know if matt nocliped into the backrooms he’d start debunking everything

  2. ElectroBOOM says:

    Hey! I’m happy to have provided some scientific support for the complex lure of the game, which is the back rooms!

  3. Ruchith Navaratne says:

    As an Australian, I recognise that a lot of the physics mentioned in this video is learnt in unit 1 physics. I’m actually having the biggest mindblow of how what I learnt can be used to interpret fun series like the backrooms!

  4. Lambda Nebula says:

    The backrooms in Kane’s series remind me a lot of Metroid 2’s out of bounds areas and games with similar out of bounds glitches. While I’m not convinced that his world actually is a video game, I do think it works _like_ a video game. I think it’s more like the world of Axiom Verge where the world is effectively digital, even though it’s not a simulation.

    In truth, this actually mirrors the real world in that information and concepts are the core substance and function of our universe rather than matter and energy like people think. Conservation of energy actually can be broken in certain situations, such as when the expansion of spacetime stretches light waves which increases their wavelength decreasing their energy. However, conservation of information can never be broken, and it’s conservation of information that causes conservation of energy.

    As an additional idea that might not be strictly relevant, but I thought was interesting, is that the original idea of the backrooms gives me less of an impression of a video game world, and more of an idealist world where, if you happen to slip behind the ordered nature of the face of reality, it begins to more resemble the chaotic and dreamlike nature of subconscious, except that there’s very little presence there, because everyone is living in the ordered and conscious aspect of reality leaving only phantoms and distortions in the backrooms.

    • Nnnnm Hughuuhhjiijj says:

      Sounds like the stuff, you would only heard explored in Novels and Visual-Novels, and some Animes and Video-Games.

  5. Liam Li says:

    If you guys don’t know including matpat, that camera stand like monster is the movement detector from one of kane’s videos, this is why the words ‘don’t move’ are scribbled onto the walls as it detects movement

  6. Fork says:

    A theory: The backrooms, being the unused assets of the universe, is somehow outside of space-time or the flow of time is being manipulated in or around the backrooms. Information such as radiowaves and sound waves from all across time is “trapped” in the backrooms because of the noclipping effect. I don’t know if this means that you could be walking around the backrooms and a gamma ray burst from a star would just appear in front of you. Properties of electromagnetic waves could also be different in “real life” and the backrooms so I have a small doubt about the null effect causing the noclipping (although there is much more evidence to support that theory). This could be why we get transmissions from the future.

    • Deep Fried Lizard says:

      Another Similar Theory: The Backrooms is literally the Dev Room of reality. A dev room is a space in a video game that’s inaccessible unless you noclip in, it holds all of the items and enemies seen in the final product, as well as (occasionally) a few that never appear outside of the dev room.

  7. LillianGraceFull says:

    Kane pixels deserves more. he makes these genius videos so fast, and all of the quality is consistent and clean. it’s truly beautifully terrifying.

  8. Sophia Miller says:

    I’ve been waiting for another backrooms theory for so long, totally worth it.

  9. MisterBob511 says:

    Fear it, run from it, no matter how complex you make your analog horror lore, MatPat WILL come to solve it. Like a lore final boss.

  10. Online says:

    It almost feels like the reality of Game Theory is leaking into the reality of Film Theory

    • RealPieGuy says:

      @Roo absolutely agreed! But I’m trying to figure out who runs gt live 🤔

    • super shirtgun says:

      just thought i would put this on the top comment so you would have the most likely chance of seeing it if kx is what your looking for why not look for direct and indirect proportion y=kx or y=k/x it kind of fits in indirect proportion the points if drew on a graph it would hit at one point which in context of sound waves would create a null so i think it would fit nicely

    • Roo says:

      @RealPieGuy dude i thought they looked alike too! i was going crazy over it!! I couldve sworn it was the same guy but i know for a fact that GT is run by Matthew and that Matpat runs Film theory and that they are different people 🤔 Like duhh, they have completely different names! I thought the same thing about Mr. Patrick on Food theory but thatd just be ridiculous XD.

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