Film Theory: How to BEAT the Smile Monster! (Smile 2022)

Film Theory: How to BEAT the Smile Monster! (Smile 2022)

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You MUST resist the urge to smile, Loyal Theorist! Otherwise, the Smile Monster might getcha’. . . You see, the monster from the 2022 movie, Smile, transfers from person to person via – you guessed it – a SMILE. So how do you SURVIVE such a creature? And can it be defeated? Watch to find out!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Forrest Lee
Editors: AbsolutePixel, Danial “BanditRants” Keristoufi, and Dom Sealion
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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36 Responses

  1. Tonbo Bugashi says:

    The other problem with Wolfman’s theory of killing both friends… the trauma comes back. Survivors’ guilt is tricky to manipulate.

  2. elfinnch says:

    I thought she was just going to K.O herself in an alone area. Since no one was there to witness it, the trauma is erased and thereby the demons stuck. Right?

    • Skunney says:

      She was initially going to try that, however the entity bombarded her with delusions until another person would show up and witness her death + be traumatized. The smile demon will literally toy with its host until it has a vulnerable witness 😭

    • Hello There says:

      @F C yea probably. if it was someone else who isnt desensitized to it though, i still think theyll be traumatized.

    • F C says:

      @Hello There A veteran police officer witnessing a dead body by suicide is no longer traumatized by it, if anything they are desensitized already.

    • A Pink Circle Friends With A Blue Circle says:

      @black air force ..Depends, but the factor is they still need some form of existing trauma in the past. Doesn’t have to be right on the spot trauma by witnessing a self-termination.

    • black air force says:

      @A Pink Circle Friends With A Blue Circle So if Jeff Dahmer witnessed a murder, do you think he’d get traumatised?

  3. Donald Hoyt says:

    Idea; get someone to knock you out for two weeks, fed on an IV drip. You’d just need to know what was happening before the curse took full control, and have someone believe you. The curse needs to pass on to survive, that’s why it moves so quickly.

    • Quint Gaumer says:


    • Nicolai Depue says:

      You could also simply have someone put you in a straight jacket and lock you away for awhile (or just generally restrain you indefinitely). As stated, it will be important to be fed on an IV drip, but even more importantly to prevent all muscle movement.

      I’m not sure how this would be done, but I do know that the curse might be able to somehow pass through trauma without killing the host. The face, head, limbs, and fingers will all need to be rendered immobile or otherwise imperceivable in order to prevent traumatizing the caretaker. Contact with the victim and information about the curse should also be very limited as some people are more prone to trauma than others; someone very impressionable could be traumatized by something small that we didn’t think of.

      Since very little is know about the curse, a cult may try to intentionally spread the curse by traumatizing people in the manner that the curse spreads. This is also why information about the curse should be limited to a few people.

  4. Classy Midget says:

    If you really think killing two randoms isn’t going to traumatise you and just pass the demon back to you anyways, you’re kidding yourself.

  5. cheatafastgaming jmk says:

    The theory of killing the friend with the curse. Has another issue with the idea of self-imposed trauma because that would likely end up causing the curse to go to you since murder is probably traumatic if not already caused by trauma.

    • Kitsune says:

      I’m not entirely sure if matpad is right here? The guy in the prision should theoretically have gotten a self-imposed trauma but he didn’t go out of the situation possessed (he should be more traumatised than the wife as he committed the murder). I’m not sure if it’s actually the trauma causing the thing to get passed on or just the fact that you witnessed the murder (and no committed it yourself, perhaps? Although you could argue about that idk). Another reason why the entire trauma thing might not be completely true is that the kid should be traumatised because unpacking a dead cat on your birthday? although that’s pretty weak evidence I guess

    • A Pink Circle Friends With A Blue Circle says:

      It could theoretically work, as they aren’t killing themselves and you are killing them. However, it is unclear whether if it really needs to spread that way and continue to exist. Unless witnessing their death can also transmit the entity instead of watching them off themselves, it’s debatable.

  6. Moth Man says:

    Came here to learn how to be a better Winchester, left learning the power of love and the dangers of mental illness. Nice one, MatPat. Nice one.

  7. LilSweetie_ Mo says:

    I just wanna take a moment and hope Head Editor Dan and from Tom to the members get a chance to see this. I wanna thank you guys for being an inspiration to make theory videos myself. Every time I watch these theories whether its game ,film,or food. You guys do an amazing job with making it all come to life. I looked at every detail and i know it must’ve took an eternity. But i wanted to thank you guys because in the end its all worth it when watching the video from my view. THANK YOU GUYS FOR ALL THAT YOU DO >3 HUGS TO ALL!

  8. a k says:

    Rose would have already passed on the curse at the birthday party if following the movie’s rules with dead cat gift cause that’s pretty traumatising for the atleast one ppl in the party especially kids in the party so essentially she should have Survived after that while making everyone in that party a possible carrier of the curse.

    • thEXP says:

      Nah, the rules state it has to be a witnessing of a killing. The cat was already dead when given as a gift, so it doesn’t pass on.

  9. Anthony Clay says:

    As much as I like the medication solution, I have to question if it would work. If this thing is genuinely supernatural, would any pharmacology be able to stop the hallucinations it causes?

    This is why I freaking hate these kinds of horror movies because it’s like a life or death version of an imaginary playground fight and the horror is that kid who keeps making up new rules, powers, or gadgets so that he doesn’t loose.

    I do indeed like the idea of having any kind of solution that just completely no sells that kind of shenanigans or even better, make like Yahtzee and, “see how good his ‘everything proof shield’ is when I take him behind the shed and knock his teeth out with a bicycle chain.”

  10. ASTRO 9 says:

    Very cool theory matpat! Something I suggest you check out (although it’s been put for 10 years by now) is smile Always. It’s a youtube horror series made to market a Rollercoaster with incredible and very complex lore. And has creepy smiles.

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