Film Theory: The FNAF Movie Just Changed the LORE!

Film Theory: The FNAF Movie Just Changed the LORE!

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OOOH boy, loyal Theorists! The FNAF movie was a doozy. We’ve already predicted what _was_ going to happen in the FNAF movie. We’ve shown behind the scenes of the MatPat cameo. Heck, we’ve even discussed Five Nights at Freddy’s alternate ending. But, now…. oh NOW we get to take a deep dive into all of the FNAF movie LOOORE! Let’s do this thing.
Writers: Matthew Patrick and Forrest Lee
Editors: JayskiBean and Koen Verhagen
Sound Designer: Yosi Berman
Thumbnail Artist: DasGnomo
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40 Responses

  1. WForeshadow says:

    Matpat unironically is the most historical man that ever stepped on this platform

  2. TheHuskyK9 says:

    Now that it is confirmed that they are going to actively try to get Markiplier to cameo in sequel, I have a feeling that it’s gonna outperform the first one. Other movie studios should take note, make movies that the FANS of the franchise will like, not the critics.

    • Dinonugsvr says:

      Yup critics don’t know what they’re talking about when it comes to any movie that isn’t a stand-alone based on nothing.

    • Daniel Loves Art says:

      @Dinonugsvr this comment radiates “I have absolutely no idea what makes a movie good or bad” energy.

    • Aerxis says:

      ​​​@Daniel Loves Artand this comment radiates the energy of someone who likes to criticize other people’s opinions without making it constructive. What’s the point of your personal attack, did you feel alluded by the comment perhaps?

      On a side note, if we measure a film’s success by the amount of happiness, engagement, etc it brings to viewers, and if viewers are as clueless as you purport the previous commenter to be, then it stands to reason the average viewer won’t value what expert critics believe to be important for a movie and, in return, this validates the opinion of the original commenter. For a movie to succeed, it must be tailored for the viewers and fans, not the critics, even if that makes it artistically inferior, it will be superior with regards to its entertainment value, the reason most movies exist in the first place, this particular one included.

    • Cassidy says:


  3. Gray$ky says:

    Having been a fan since 2015 of both Matpat and FNAF, I’m so proud of this franchise and channel

  4. Cole Kiesler says:

    I love how MatPat accepts he is now canon to the lore and decides to fully analyze every nook and cranny to what part of the timeline he is in.

    • Liana Verwood says:

      The next Movie will probably have him Cameoing in a different Role – where a friend uses the Nickname ‘Sans’ to refer to him, completing the “Sans = Ness” Reference Scott Cawthon intentionally set up for MatPat…

    • Israel Rangi says:

      @Liana Verwoodhe’ll probebly say “Its just a theory” again to

    • Kaitlyn Morgan says:

      @Israel Rangi but can u imagine if HE was in a training video for new employees and says “thanks for watching” xDD ik itd arguably less exciting than “thats just a theory,” but i still think itd be cool :3

  5. SMToon Entertainment says:

    With so much lore, it was probably the best idea just to mix it all together and come up with the story using all the best bits

    • NerdyResph says:

      hopefully they not trying too hard to mix all theories into this franchise it will be hectic and confusing. i prefer more slow burner lore fits the uncanniness of fnaf

    • DragonSlicer says:

      They shouldn’t do that, just so a hard reset and just go back to a simple story because they ruined it with all the dumb story telling that scott kept coming with to just milk the series and put nonsense to generate tons of theories, I used to like fnaf a lot but then they added too much dumb stuff

    • Boe jiden says:

      @DragonSlicerI honestly think that Scott is just trying to answer all of our questions from all of the lore he’s thrown at us. He’s trying to untangle the lore with the movies I think. I could be wrong but it’s my best guess

  6. Nate N says:

    I wish the production team luck in their attempts to understand mangle’s anatomy. They will most certainly need it.

  7. Παυλίνα Γιωτοπούλου says:

    i believe we need an applause for matpat, for finally becoming part of the fnaf loreeeeee

  8. Wanderer's Nightmare says:

    “Show a Markiplier cameo and a clip of Mangle and I’m in”. I couldn’t agree more! I loved the first movie and am excitedly waiting for the sequel (or maybe prequel)!

  9. Connie Stephens says:

    I actually love the idea that the family we’ve been calling the Emilys are actually the Schmidts, if we wanna carry that over to the game timeline. It turns Mike’s choice of fake name in FNAF 1 from something random into a giant middle finger to his dad, which, narratively, I’m a huge fan of.

    • Gacha Nightshade says:

      Honestly, that would be the funniest thing if it actually does transfer over. Just… casually dropping his last name for his dad’s nemesis’s.

  10. Lifeline says:

    The problem for me is that if they do have Mike’s father as one of the founders of Freddy’s alongside Afton, it would be hard to explain away Mike’s lack of knowledge of the pizzeria prior to the first movie.

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