Foolio – WWE (Official Music Video)

Foolio – WWE (Official Music Video)

Foolio – WWE

New Project “Love Me Like I’m Dead (Last Call)” Out Everywhere:

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38 Responses

  1. Richhomiez says:

    Who else greatful to be alive 🖤

  2. Boxer Bond says:

    Appreciate this man while he’s still alive.

  3. Lil Anarky says:

    “Show love while im here, dont wait until im dead”
    – Lil Loaded

  4. Davo Migo says:

    Why they say I sound like you foo? 😂😭 This slide 😈🔥

  5. Aries says:

    “I’m a demon”
    “I pray we make it to heaven” 😂😭

  6. Tragic says:

    It’s so satisfying when he rolls his r’s

  7. GenericAnimalPun says:

    “I’m patient. Like a turtle.” -Julio Foolio aka Lil 6 2021

  8. Dont Worry Who I Be says:

    i cant wait until these brothas’ rise above this madness we have been established in and make it out and start dropping positive, motivating music, thats when you kno’ yu made, may GOD be with you all

  9. Doghlaa says:

    “got murder on my mind like Melly”
    That goes hard

  10. Edward Ornelas says:

    Lyrics “Ima a shooter I ain’t tryna fight”
    Comments “grateful to be alive ❤️”

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