Fortnite CHAPTER 5 MEMES (best season)

Fortnite CHAPTER 5 MEMES (best season)

best chapter ever (completely serious)!

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36 Responses

  1. @lazarlazar says:

    Took me all day to edit this my bad. For some reason video didnt feel right for the main channel. So enjoy it here 🙂

  2. @s.Friel6942 says:

    Always a good millennium when lazar uploads

  3. @GamingClips-Xbox says:

    Only one putting out good content this fast it’s been a few hours only
    Gotta respect the man

  4. @Raccbag says:

    *You have me inspired to start making vids.* Much love and major props to you Lazar! ❤

  5. @whiteghost1798 says:

    Real ones know that Lazar put a hole in his wall during the downtime, not during the games 😂

  6. @TheOnlyOne.17. says:

    I do really enjoy this season of Fortnite and watching lazar play makes it a whole lot better❤

  7. @captdeadmeat says:

    Lazar and Looter . Would love to see more of this duo.

  8. @epicacky says:

    Honestly you have my ultimate respect. Stream snipers kept interfering yesterday and you still made a video on the new season.

  9. @ratto_strato says:

    Thanks for coming back lannan it’s the best thing that’s happened in a long time!😊

  10. @Jimiobob says:

    love how he finds memes in every season

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