IM IN THE FNAF MOVIE!! – FNAF Movie FINAL Trailer (Reaction + Analysis)

IM IN THE FNAF MOVIE!! – FNAF Movie FINAL Trailer (Reaction + Analysis)

The five nights at freddys movie trailer is finally here and its incredible! A NEW FNAF Movie trailer just dropped and it shows a closer look at Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, and even someone new..

IM IN THE FNAF MOVIE!! – FNAF Movie Trailer (Reaction + Analysis)

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39 Responses

  1. Razzbowski says:

    So proud of you & the lads for getting a cameo mate! You’ve earned it baby ❤

  2. CoolTeen28 says:

    It’s crazy how we went from a simple indie horror game to a full movie now

  3. Techo says:

    CONGRATS to you and Cory for making it in the movie! Well deserved.

    • flying sword says:

      but what about the og. markiplier

    • Yesssir says:

      ⁠@flying swordeverytime someone brings up Cory y’all mention markiplier💀😭

    • RCL says:

      @flying swordMarkiplier’s channel isn’t just based off around ALL about Fnaf, he’s does a variety of different things. While he might be the most known, he isn’t mainly about it, plus he’s working on a different side project of his.
      Meanwhile, I feel like Cory’s done a lot more Fnaf content compare to Mark, so that’s why he managed to make it into the movie with Fusion, Dawko, and a few others

    • nymphology says:


    • CrimsonAngel says:

      I’m so glad cory made it in as a cameo!! He deserves it ❤️

  4. xaurora says:

    I am SO ready. It’s been so long (pun intended) since I was this excited for anything. Been waiting for this for YEARS. I have been a fan of FNaF ever since the first game came out and it’s insane how far it’s gotten, I am so proud. #ThankYouScottCawthon and thank you to the FNaF community. ❤

    • Samantha Benson says:

      Thank you for supporting and being with us for everything. We are all excited for the movie we are all a community in this and we will All be fans for years to come.

  5. Auran Williams says:

    *Seems much more like a thriller than a horror experience. A good decision they made is changing up the story though.*

    • -_Deploy_- says:

      I do think there will be some horror scenes and they are just hiding it for the movie

    • Rose Vee says:

      “Changing up the story”? This is pretty much almost exactly the storyline in the game lol

    • AlexPlaysAndEdits says:

      @Rose Vee in the trailer, a little bit, but on the movie i think some more things will be changed.

    • navyZfox16 says:

      ​@Rose VeeI don’t remember Abby and Mike being siblings in the og story but idk much FNAF lore so who am I to talk

  6. teb lj says:

    I’m so proud of you man, I’ve been watching your content since 2014 and it’s mind blowing how far you’ve made it

  7. theblackrabbit says:

    I think it looks amazing. Animatronics couldn’t look anymore authentic than they do here. I’m hyped.

  8. Corvus Gray says:

    Normally I am weary of live action movies of videogames, but this movie looks so good! Congratulations to everyone involved, I can’t wait to watch this when it comes out.

  9. Eleanor :3 says:

    I believe this movie takes place in the 90s. You can tell by the decor on Mike’s house that the house is pretty outdated compared to now. And the house phone is definitely an older model then the ones we have now. Abby (Mikes Little Sister) is seen wearing a turtleneck and a vest which indicates it’s not present as you obviously don’t see girls wearing turtlenecks. And lastly Williams Glasses are ones people wore in the 80s.

  10. Average Whyte Guy says:

    I just want to give a huge congrats to all the Youtubers. They made this their livelihood for so long and they’re finally getting paid off for it by even the smallest of cameos, but i’m sure their happy for it. Congrats man you clearly deserve it ❤🎉

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