Fortnite Presents: Rift Tour Featuring Ariana Grande

Fortnite Presents: Rift Tour Featuring Ariana Grande

Check out Ariana’s full performance in Fortnite Presents Rift Tour. 
Featuring the songs: raindrops, 7 Rings, Be Alright, R.E.M., The Way, and positions

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32 Responses

  1. Fierce Peter Gaming says:

    Ariana changes so many lives with her Angellic voice daily!!!

  2. Agerico says:


  3. larry says:

    i knew the intro was dedicated to the manchester tragedy, ariana has such a beautiful soul. even though I’m not really into her music, the underlying meaning of this event showed how she really cares for her craft as an artist.

  4. Cringe Central says:

    I love how smooth the transitions between the songs are. This is truly a masterpiece

  5. bts army says:

    when the song “the way” came up, i was sooo shocked. you know that she is healing and better. we love you ari <3

    • Shes my collar. says:

      @Robin Skull Music hush shoo away pest.
      No need to put others down to put your own thing up.

    • Amelia Builds says:

      @Robin Skull Music Oh she does? And your saying that pfft I bet u can even do those whistles and high notes and we don’t care if your music is better or not bc we didn’t ask did we so su bro being a toxic chicken

  6. poppy says:

    i love how ari was in a bubble for be alirght, it gave me swt vibes and when positions started playing i literally died.

  7. Milo says:

    i’m so proud that she put “the way” in i love her so much. So proud she is growing so much!!

  8. Ava-Grace Cullen says:

    I love that Ari is partnering with so many brands. She’s inspiring so many people every day <3

  9. THE GLITAL says:

    *Fact : Ariana Vocals Are Not Jokes, They’re Really Masterpiece.*

  10. AbelXAriana says:

    Anyone else observed that Ariana walked up the stairs to heaven when ‘The Way’ was playing 😭….. She really misses Mac !!!!. Oh Ari you’re Queen for doing this, she is really very strong and we love you so much !!!! 😭❤

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