Francis Ngannou: I know I beat Tyson Fury but winning a decision in boxing is tough | ESPN Ringside

Francis Ngannou: I know I beat Tyson Fury but winning a decision in boxing is tough | ESPN Ringside

ESPN’s Brett Okamoto sits down with Francis Ngannou in his locker room after making his pro boxing debut vs. Tyson Fury in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

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37 Responses

  1. buckethead84 says:

    Dude literally proved everyone wrong at every stage of his career

    • Steven Taylor says:

      I didn’t doubt Francis at all, i was completely behind him. I said its a good chance Fury wins but i never once wrote Francis off

    • Fitness Finessed says:

      Been doing that his whole life💪🏽

    • Levy pants-company says:

      The word ‘literally’ has no literal meaning anymore.
      I’m sure somebody had some belief in him at some stage in his career.

    • Heady head says:

      And he won.

    • Leeroy Jenkins says:

      @Steven TaylorI wasn’t. But I expected Fury to take the fight seriously which he didn’t. He was overlooking Francis for Usyk. He probably saw the likes of Jake Paul beating all these out-of-prime MMA fighters and thought this would be a walk in the park. Turns out Francis came to ball.

  2. Olufemi AKINNIYI says:

    Went 10 rounds with active Fury….. Victory.
    Knocked down Fury.. Victory.
    Never scared in ring against Fury….. Victory.
    Busted Fury’s face… Victory.
    Lost by split decision…… Victory.
    Lost the decision by just a point…… Victory.


    All respect to Fury for risking his legacy for this.

  3. FightNightFever says:

    Absolute embarrassment of a night to the sport of boxing. The insane obviously biased judging just showed why the sport has been dying for 30+ years. Congrats Francis we know who won.

    • 3 Last Name says:

      It’s embarrassing to boxing, because a UFC champ who has never box professional before arguably won against boxing best. Flip it around and there is no way any boxing champ goes 5rd against their UFC champion counterpart.

    • Matt Boyce says:

      Fury landed 71 of his 223 total punches, while Ngannou managed to score with 59 from 231 attempted. Nagannou landed 37 power punches to Fury’s 32. Fury landed more punches in 6 out of 10 rounds. He did enough to either win or earn a draw. There is no robbery here.

    • the HighPriest says:

      fury won 6 rounds, who is the next great black hope? stop crying little girls

    • 3 Last Name says:

      @Matt Boyce There may be no robbery, but it’s clear which sport is more legitimate. You can’t have someone who has never done your sport professionally before. Come in and arguably beat the best at your sport. Tyson won, but boxing took a huge L.

  4. saitama3982 says:

    Francis has to be one of the most inspirational human beings in history. His self-belief, conviction, and willpower is beyond incredible. This man is a living legend

  5. socillizt4life says:

    As a 40+ year,life long boxing fan, I’m genuinely still shocked by this fight. A debut fight against the man who most regard as the greatest heavyweight boxer of this generation & an unbeaten World Champion. This is surreal! Much respect to Francis. I know how devastating his striking was at UFC but still…
    Talk about a Buster Douglas vs Tyson 1 moment.👏👏👏

  6. richard crouch says:

    Never knew much about Francis before this fury fight… But wow….. What an incredible example of a human being. He will without doubt be a boxing champion one day… And the world will be behind him for the MAN that he is.

  7. longkumer says:

    What a scary man. He can box, He can wrestle, he can kick, And can take a punch as well. Complete beast

  8. Vic Pabustan says:

    Francis is a true athlete and a genuine person outside of boxing. He knew he won the fight but accepted the reality that winning a decision in boxing is tough.😊

  9. Noro Dom says:

    His life story is worth a movie. From what he went thru and where he came from he truly deserves a movie.

  10. James Marshall says:

    If anyone wasn’t a fan of Francis Ngannou before the fight, they definitely are now. Remarkable performance by Francis

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