‘Friends’ star Matthew Perry dead at 54

‘Friends’ star Matthew Perry dead at 54

Actor Matthew Perry, best known for his role on “Friends,” has died from an apparent drowning, TMZ reports. He was 54 years old. Authorities responded to reports of a cardiac arrest at a Los Angeles-area home where Perry was located on Saturday, according to TMZ.

The circumstances surrounding the actor’s death remain unclear, although TMZ cited law enforcement sources that said no foul play was involved.

Details: https://ktla.com/entertainment/friends-star-matthew-perry-dead-at-54-tmz/

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34 Responses

  1. joedertrek1 says:

    This is so tragic. I feel like I just lost a best friend after watching Friends repeatedly. Rest in Peace, Matthew.

  2. Chandler Serge Somborac says:

    My sister loved Friends so much, that she’d actually become annoyed if she missed clapping with the opening theme. This news brought her, and myself to tears. Matthew was such a likeable guy, but his struggles with alcohol hindered his ability to live a long life. RIP Matthew, thank you for all the laughs that you brought us, you’ll be forever loved and missed. *_We love you Chandler Bing_* ❤😭

  3. Kelley Broussard says:

    Such devastating news. His book was truly inspiring but a very heartbreaking read. He grappled with some relentlessly brutal demons – from the crippling depression and anxiety that lead him into one addiction after the other. He soldiered on as best as he could, and he brought so much laughter and light to us all. His memory will live on forever through the iconic pieces he left behind – and I just hope and pray that he’s finally at peace now. RIP Matthew Perry – You will never be forgotten. #ripChandlerBing

    • Roddy Boethius says:

      He had enough. He’s free now. Free of all this BS

    • karls says:

      What happened to him? What was the main cause of his addiction?

    • Darcy A. says:

      “Finally at peace now? “Not if he never trusted the gospel of Christ and got saved. He had to trust Christ died for our sins, and that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures (I Corinthians 15:1-4 KJB). You believe that and you go to heaven when you die. If you don’t believe/trust it, you pay for your own sins in the lake of fire for all eternity. I don’t wish that on anyone.

  4. Adri says:

    RIP Matthew. Everyone that knew you and loved you would miss you immensely.

  5. Sarah Farrell says:

    I hope Matthew died happy and at peace with his life. He was so loved and talented; and I hope he knew that. Rest in peace Matthew you’re loved, and you will be missed. My heart is broken, and my condolences go out to Matthew’s friends, cast, and family.

    • Melichka Willow says:

      I don’t think you can think he died happy & at peace when he was fighting addictions & died in a hot tub 😏

    • Caroline Matusevich says:

      @WeLsHMeLlY He’s been sober f for years. Conspiracy theory much?

    • TripWire says:

      ​@Melichka WillowThere is always that one negative person trying to turn a nice comment into something to reply in a sarcastic way when all this writer wanted was to wish him peace. In case you can’t read between the lines, that’s you. Here. I’ll give it a shot…. “Rest in peace, Matthew Perry. Despite your battles in life, you have changed many lives for the better just with your struggles alone. I hope that you are now in a place with better people and a clearer mind.”

    • WaveRider says:

      ​@carolinematusevich889 how does someone drown in a bathtub if drugs weren’t involved ?

    • Ankit Pant says:

      ​@WaveRidercardiac arrest…stroke…..seizure…..?

  6. abunchahooey says:

    Many of us knew of his addiction issues over the years, but after reading his book I realized how tortured he was by his addiction. He just couldn’t get a handle on it. Even after he finally quit, he was still tortured by his life. He is at peace now, probably for the first time in life. RIP Matthew Perry.

  7. Carol Comfort says:

    I met Mathew Perry several times through a foundation for individuals with disabilities. He was always extremely kind to my daughter. This is such difficult news.

    • Dan Root says:

      I’m very sorry to hear this. ❤

    • Orlando Ramos says:

      I just hope you know my my deepest condolences to his family is so sad for somebody to die like this man I just hope it’s I hope that they say I hope it ain’t cuz if somebody you know the media likes to twist it around and they don’t get all the fact they don’t get all that you know the facts and everything he likes to twist stuff another good person is gone just like Suzanne Somers for three’s company you know so many good people are gone for no reason it’s so unfair 🙏 I’ll be saying a prayer for this man may the good Lord you know bless him and may God watch over his family I know they’re going through a lot right now just from hearing the news about the death of their loved one

    • SARISS80 says:

      So sad
      Good bye Chandler.

    • Deal Doe Hardic says:

      I’m so sorry 😢 may he rest in peace ✌

  8. Dekotah Runninghorse says:

    He was an incredible person and actor! Such a great loss! My deepest condolences and prayers to his family , colleagues, and fans.

  9. Ankita Sharma says:

    His death not only shocked America but the whole world 😢, he helped us all through his role

  10. Argus Fleibeit says:

    What a shame. He struggled so hard. I think he was a decent guy. He will be remembered with great affection.

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