From Pulisic’s goal to Giroud’s save | Genoa 0-1 AC Milan | Highlights Serie A

From Pulisic’s goal to Giroud’s save | Genoa 0-1 AC Milan | Highlights Serie A

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44 Responses

  1. Lukaa Korotaj says:

    Just when I think I saw everything from ACMilan… I see Giroud as a GK… what a player! What a legend!

  2. alphabrainwave says:

    That commentator had me dying with those over-the-top chants of “YES WE DID” and “USA USA USA” 😂

  3. spoots1234 says:

    Giroud is a pure legend in every sense.

  4. Amne Hamid says:

    Respect to Genoa’s GK when he saw that ac Milans keeper was given a red,he had to do everything to earn it too.Once a legend always a legend

  5. Neo Rain says:

    As a Chelsea fan I always liked Giroud. Not only did he score some important goals for us but he always kept a positive attitude in the locker room even when he wasn’t selected. Team player and great personality

    • TheKrauzerII says:

      As a french i observed that he wasnt the most prolific in goal quantities, but there were a majority of decisive goals. (Not the 4th or fifth in a manita)
      Especially in Chelsea and Milan, the dude certainly was decisive in both the championship for Milan and the EL and CL for Chelsea.
      Those 3 titles are certainly for him

    • Neo Rain says:

      @TheKrauzerII Yes even at Arsenal he wasn’t so prolific in terms of numbers but he could change a game in a moment sometimes coming of the bench. He has that quality. Nothing but respect

    • Odion Sonia says:

      Guess you work in Chelsea’s locker room to know this..nice one.

    • supernice_auto says:

      he’s pure class

  6. H says:

    Unlike some talented young but lazy players, Giroud always gives it all in matches despite his age. He is a real professional player.

  7. Deprofundis142 says:

    Incredible goal from Pulisic and incredible courage from Giroud. 😮

    • Lorenzo D. says:

      Ye incredible hand control and var convalidation

    • Dr Urdizzle says:

      @Lorenzo D.sounds like someone needs a refresher on handball rules. But I guess you know better than the ref and VAR? Or just salty he scored. USA! USA! 🙂

    • Dave_Mate says:

      ​@Dr UrdizzleUEFA rules states that anytime that a ball hits an attacking player be it intentional or not it’s instantly disqualified as a goal. Don’t speak about rules if you don’t know them at all.

  8. ickatabg says:

    Giroud is such an amazing and versatile player. He always plays with his whole heart, no matter if it’s a WC final or vs Genoa

  9. Andy Isaac says:

    It was a dark day when Giroud left Arsenal for Chelsea. A completely underrated player.

    • Рома Агарков says:

      Очень был расстроен в тот день. Когда любимый игрок уходит из любимой команды, всегда грустно. Но очень рад что в итоге он стал легендой в сборной, легендой в Милане и собрал кучу трофеев

    • M WD says:

      It definitely wasn’t anything close to a dark day but the sale made no sense

    • André Sosa says:

      yeah, that one hurt. he was one of our best passers, and by far our best player in the air.

    • I'm getting Old says:

      ​@M WDso true… from one bench to another… arsenal sold him for no reason and he ended up in a better situation

    • Junjie Yang says:

      But I’m happy for him that he won the Champions League and played well after leaving us

  10. Lake Mortal Beats says:

    Giroud has to be one of my favorite players of all time. He never fails to impress.

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