Full Special Report: Israel declares war after surprise Hamas attack | NBC News

Full Special Report: Israel declares war after surprise Hamas attack | NBC News

Hamas launched a surprise attack within Israel’s borders overnight, launching rockets from the Gaza Strip then sending militants into the southern part of the streets of Israel. Raf Sanchez reports from Ashkelon on the fatalities known so far and why this situation is unprecedented.

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37 Responses

  1. Mnemosyne Vermont says:

    The statement that “there’s no leadership” is patently ridiculous. Nothing this large and organized happens without leadership.

  2. S Tesfazghi says:

    I’m a war refugee here and it brings back my childhood memories I didn’t even get to say goodbye to my grandma and grandpa at 9yrs old and never saw them since fleeing a war forget my friends and other families that never saw since the pain it causes to children and it’s all over land because God isn’t about the heart ach and separation it causes 💔

    • Nicola Flierl says:

      Im so sorry, so many have lost their homes & countries this way, we forget why the rest of the world has mixes of all different nationalities, mainly due to war, im sure you all would want to be home, like you said, with ur family u had to leave 🥺

    • Danielle Radicanin says:


    • S Tesfazghi says:

      @nicoleflierl637  thank you. Yes going through high school not to have a single family to watch you graduate or empty birthdays or Christmass it’s really hard especially when its a world apart and no in and out the people start dying now last year mom and dad passed its over nothing really just land the 💔

    • Smoky Quartz says:

      ​@S TesfazghiI relate, we ran away and then I lost the rest of family to death. I have ignored and birthdays and holidays since then. You never know how you will feel being alone until it happens. I hope you are well.

    • Free Indeed says:

      @Smoky QuartzMy goodness 😥😥😥

  3. vaishnavi vaish says:

    How heartbreaking. Civilians are going to suffer, praying for peace and thoughts and prayers to all the unfortunate victims of war ❤

  4. Hoseo ablers says:

    sad sad sad I feel so bad for people there, hope peace will come forever

  5. Ellis Island 1 says:

    Tragic on-going situation!😣😭 My condolences to all victims on both sides. 💐

  6. Danielle says:

    My niece and nephews live in Jerusalem I haven’t heard from them I’m extremely worried 🙏🙏🙏

    • Jessica H says:

      Same for my family in Gaza. Israel shut off electricity to Palestine… my grandma relies on electricity to live for medical reasons.. pray for us too. Hope there is back up generator. so many innocents involved.

    • Dani J says:


    • manoo205 says:

      I wish you the best and that they are ok. It is very easy to forget we are all humans with family that cares about us. All the best.

  7. Lisa Reid says:

    I am so sad for the civilians 😢on both sides because it’s always the civilians who get used, abused and killed , and all they want to do is live their lives and bring their families up. 💔💔💔💔💔

  8. E P says:

    This is absolutely horrifying….anytime war happens, it is sad and a stain on humanity.
    Are we ever going to find peace in the world? 😢

  9. Peel's Myth. says:

    it makes me sad the way we treat one and other we could be doing so many great things if we all learned to live and let live in this amazing world ,God help us??

  10. JojoColo says:

    Just came back from a few Palestinian news channels and people were celebrating there without realizing many of their families, friends, neighborhoods, and cities are going to be attacked soon too (I guess that’s the main reason why they took hostages there to prevent counter attacks but it’s inevitable). I know this war has been going on for a long time but I don’t see how this could end anytime soon.

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