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The Golden State Warriors defeated the Los Angeles Lakers, 125-108. Jonathan Kuminga led the way for the Warriors with 24 points (4-5 3PM), 8 rebounds and 4 assists, while Moses Moody added 15 points and 5 rebounds in the victory. Max Christie tallied 15 points and 2 rebounds for the Lakers.

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41 Responses

  1. Grievous says:

    So glad we didn’t trade Kuminga, I knew he’d have this leap! He actually has a consistent three ball now and that’s scary hours for the league

  2. V0Id says:

    Kuminga had an excellent game tonight, can’t wait to see how the warriors and lakers improve this season!

    • P-MAC says:

      Already lol😊

    • LeUltraInstinct says:

      i agree he had an amazing game. then as soon as he gets him moment, the camera pans to Wardell’s enormous forehead on the sidelines jumping and running around instead of sitting and paying attention to help his teammates like cp3 was doing. it’s time to trade this diva to be completely honest.

    • JWeb says:

      Lmao dude is a turnover machine. There’s a reason why he didn’t get no playing time last playoffs 😂

    • imBadger says:

      @LeUltraInstinct where do you want him to go

  3. Llyeanne Gonzales says:

    great tandem,Kuminga and Moody,what a great play to both of them,❤

  4. BingTheKing says:

    Max Christie is evolving right before our eyes 💪🏽

    • Tragics llc says:


    • LeUltraInstinct says:

      evolution is such a beautiful thing. it makes me feel better especially after seeing a player like wardell spend 15 whole years frolicking around moving screens and making lucky 3 pointers with no evolution in defense, leadership, dunking, or any ability whatsoever to be clutch. Yet still gets celebrated like he’s done anything even remotely impressive. Max christie gives me hope for the future of basketball that wardell ruined.

    • Tragics llc says:

      Don’t forget that leswept got swept and made a excuse he going to retire.

      Lebron chokes more than a prostitute in the finals 😂

    • exp_fort3 says:

      Hes maxing points so he can upgrade his stats

    • Jam Hub says:

      ​@LeUltraInstinctits too early to see ur comment.

  5. Mackenzie Banks says:

    Even tho it’s preseason I love what I’m seeing from the warriors. They played defense, rebounded, went to the paint, etc.

  6. henry ha says:

    It feels so weird seeing cp on the warriors playing with Steph and klay it’s like we’re in an alternate universe

  7. Zekken Alter says:

    I love seeing Christie and Kuminga improving. Would love to see the Lakers and the Warriors in the Playoffs again.

  8. GNRxDESTROYER says:

    Kerr is just building up chemistry for the 2nd unit👏

  9. Hybrid Musicians says:

    Kuminga is a true testament to the power of hard work and dedication! It’s absolutely incredible to witness Steph Curry back in action and getting ready to dominate the game!

  10. Tu Dam says:

    The Warriors chemistry is crazy. Everyone moving the ball getting involved setting up good looks for each other. This team could be very scary this season.

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