Game Theory: Minecraft, The FROZEN Nether

Game Theory: Minecraft, The FROZEN Nether

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Loyal Theorists, today I’m serving up some HOT TAKES about the nether in Minecraft…or maybe they’re actually cold takes. You see, today I’m arguing that the nether… you know, the place filled with LAVA and FLAMES actually used to be filled with ICE and WATER! Yep, the Nether had an ICE AGE, and I can prove it. So strap on those snow boots and zip up those winter coats because we’re heading to the nether!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick, Tom Robinson, and Mike Keenan (The Pokémon Biologist)
Editors: Dan “Cybert” Seibert, Tyler Mascola and JayskiBean
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (Caiterpillart)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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38 Responses

  1. Tacospaceman says:

    Whenever your theories go into the “what is now, because of what used to be” it makes me want to hop on Minecraft and *create what used to be*

  2. Jack Hinkley says:

    I thought you were going to talk about how the Piglins have water bottles, and how mushrooms have to rely on moisture, so the nether is actually hot and moist.

  3. alyssa smith says:

    Also, random aside, volcanoes actually cool down the local areas because ash in the sky block the sun and the temperature is lowered by a few degrees. It’s called a volcanic winter, also it creates extremely fertile soil which could attract the ancient builders.

  4. Little Miss Daydream says:

    Honestly the ending of the ancient builders’ story is oddly satisfying. They kept hopping from one dimension to another after ruining the previous without learning from their mistakes until they got trapped in the End. Yes they did pillage it as well as but they were trapped and finally had to face the consequences.

  5. Britt Taylor says:

    MatPat: “H-E-Double-Hocky-Sticks”
    Also MatPat: “Hellfire and brimstone”

  6. Marchhotdog says:

    I’m addicted to his Minecraft series over anything else

  7. Micah Philson says:

    I always pronounced Basalt as “ba-SALT”, but I like Matt emphasizing the first syllable here because it keeps sounding like he’s talking about the science behind bath salts!
    The ancient builders were Florida Man confirmed!

  8. CrimsonHellkite666 says:

    I would just like to point out that greenhouse gases (to my knowledge) can only work their magic when light can go through it and become trapped like a green house. Kinda hard to do that underground. Much love for your work and no ill intent meant

    • white eye says:

      mat pat has long stopped really caring about the actual theorizing aspect in most franchises. at this point its all about telling a story. which, just fyi, i dont think is any less valuable as a video. its just not really a viable theory and some of these videos should really stop being labelled as such.

      just look at subnautica. right there in the in game entries on multiple species, it says how they are essentially immune to radioactivity and very resistant to low ph, but he doesnt actually care here. he wants to tell a story explaining why pollution is bad on our planet to tie into team seas. a great thing, but definitely not a subnautica theory.

    • Warbrain says:

      @Owen Downey i do not disagree that there *was* no water (past tense) i am just saying that CO2 has no water to go into now if we consider that it was greenhouse gases. Also volcanos naturally release gazes stuck in rocks so you just can’t say “oh greenhouse gazes disapeared”.

    • Owen Downey says:

      @Warbrain it seems likely that there was glacial systems at some point, or at least water, as deltas irl only form from water. Plus the crafting for the basalt kinda makes sense, but then again it could just be mojang showing lava cools to form basalt, with the existence of ice completely unrelated. However, basalt does most commonly forms from underwater volcanoes. But that doesnt mean it forms there exclusively, as it just has to cool quickly.
      I do think there was water, due to the deltas and the soil patterns, that makes sense, but why it is no longer there is confusing. For why it got so hot, I think the builders were mining too much for netherite or gold or whatever, and broke open new channels for lava to reach the surface. Why there is no evidence of water vapour still doesnt make sense. Maybe as it rose from lower layers it seeped into netherack and soil above, and that is now what the plants utilise to grow. But then again this wouldnt happen for all of the water and theres no evidence of it anywhere else so I’m not sure.

    • A Stick says:

      Thats exactly my thinking too

    • Warbrain says:

      @Heliz Teil but again, if the nether is a closed system, this does not hold up. Since if it is a closed system, gazes can’t dissipate. Where would they go? Water? None. Outside? Closed system. Ground? Lava and stuff bring them back.

      I liked the reason to believe ice existed but i aso do believe that this is overthinking for the sake of making a video on climate. Also how would energy go IN if it is a closed system? If you argue that it came from the ground, since nether is a closed system, we could just say that heat equalised accross the nether from the core to the surface. One place was 5000°C one was 20°C now both are 2510°C. Since his theory creates energy from nowhere. If portals transmit energy, the nether would have been losing energy, not gaining it.

  9. Selneren XP says:

    Not gonna lie, the thought of the nether being frozen is wild since the dimension is equivalent to hell but the thought of it used to have water there is even more wilder. This series of theories provide such an interesting lore.

    • Warbrain says:

      yeah but the argument of how it ended is.. very dubious at best since matpat doesn’t respect the laws of thermodinamics by saying “oh it just got hotter in a closed system” meaning energy was created from nowhere. If you have two tubes with different air constitutions and a heater in, in a perfectly closed system, both would have the same average temperature at the end… So yeah the other guy would have done a better job on this vid since mat casually violates some basics of physics

  10. Dyna Go To My ChanneI LiVE NOW says:

    I really love these videos, a mix of lore and science bringing together the best of both worlds in an incredibly well thought out and fact checked game. Also iceland

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