Garten of Banban 6 – Official Trailer

Garten of Banban 6 – Official Trailer







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42 Responses

  1. dakblake says:

    WOOOAH!!!! The detail and uniqueness in these new areas are amazing!

  2. Cole Kiesler says:

    Something tells me that NabNab is going to play very huge role in the games story this chapter and also wonder if he will be some sort of leader to the Naughty Ones also really love his hellish design and also how huge he looks.

  3. Kat says:

    I AM SO READY!!! This looks AMAZING❤

  4. Winston vlogs says:

    0:01: The Slugs
    0:07: BitterGiggle’s eyes
    0:10: House
    0:14: SLUG ATTACK
    0:19: Nabnaleena’s eyes
    0:21: Hospital room
    0:24: Bye-bye experiment jesters
    0:26: Tamataki and Chamataki eyes
    0:29: Monster Opila swoops in
    0:32: Thinknoodles jester
    0:34: Woden area
    0:38: Kittysauras’ eyes
    0:42: BitterGiggle follows us
    0:45: Opila bird’s face
    0:47: Some sort of hut
    0:51: Parkor
    0:55: Banbaleena’s eyes
    0:58: Hedge maze
    1:01: Family mural
    1:08: Mutant Nabnab
    1:31: Garten of banban 6

  5. timmyjhype says:

    Thank you Euphoric brothers!! I’m so thankful for all your hard work! I have been amazed of your work! Good job for stepping it up! The new characters look incredible! I can’t wait to see the game!!

  6. Leandro Pantoja says:

    Mano eu quase chorei de felicidade agora tô sabendo agora que o Garten of Banban sempre lança o trailer oficial no quase final do mês e não sei se o Garten of Banban vai começar este mês de sexta feira muito obrigado Euphoric Brothers eu sei que vocês estão produzindo o jogo e eu agoniado nas sextas feiras passadas😅

  7. SIMBA says:

    ya quiero jugarrrrrrrrrrrr!!!🐸🍌

  8. spidergaming gameplays says:

    Em cada capítulo nosso protagonista chega cada vez mais perto do abismo

  9. LOVE​ SHINO​ says:

    I highly expect That you guys will be able to make it even better than the previous installments and evolve! I love your story and will follow it until the end ❤
    (What I expected was horror and thrilling)

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