Giving strangers wallets FULL of cash

Giving strangers wallets FULL of cash

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17 Responses

  1. J P says:

    That last clip was the winner for me.. I think he appreciated the food more than the cash. What you do is amazing Juan, We need more people like you in the world.

  2. Bassn’troutkings says:

    Good job helping the people out. Who knows how many lives you’ve impacted with these giveaways man. Keep doing you Juan! The content is as great as always.

  3. The Dork Knight says:

    Juan never fails to bring a smile on my face, imagine how much better the world would be if we all could do a good deed for each other every day

  4. A.K says:

    Juan is so chilled giving out gifts and you could sense genuinely he loves to give. You the GOAT ❤

  5. Roy Lagg says:

    Always good to see kindness being passed on. Keep what you doing Juan, you’re an inspiration.

  6. twiztidblaid says:

    Man, these videos bring a smile to my face even on the worst workdays.

  7. NateDuhGreat says:

    The homeless man was shook about the food. What a blessing. Thanks for being an awesome person Juan

    • DANG DRIFTERS says:

      legit what was in there? more money? or a massive rack of ribs? lol

    • TBK*TOX says:

      Keep up the great content bro i watch all ya Stuff💯 ❤,
      i never win anything but i hope i do win on here 1st time in my life if I do tho…😇🇬🇧

  8. Christian Hughes-Nielsen says:

    I love your work! Making random people happy is amazing!

  9. Lukas M. says:

    You bring so much good vibes to youtube and the world, thank you Juan ❤

  10. Nhile says:

    Good to see you passing on the blessings. That really was epic.

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