God of War Ragnarok Valhalla Final Boss & ENDING PS5 (2023) 4K 60FPS

God of War Ragnarok Valhalla Final Boss & ENDING PS5 (2023) 4K 60FPS

God of War Ragnarok Valhalla DLC Final boss and Ending scene

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60 Responses

  1. @ZanarAesthetics says:

    God of War Ragnarok Valhalla Full movie / All cutscenes: https://youtu.be/b2vyOIMZgnI

    • @lunarmoon4596 says:

      This wasn’t fan made?

    • @bobkinect5254 says:

      @@lunarmoon4596bro is blissfully unaware

    • @lunarmoon4596 says:

      @@bobkinect5254 yeahhhhhh i didn’t know the DLC was out!!!!!! I just checked it

    • @stargazerequiem says:

      Where’s the “I am the biggest God of War youtube channel” annoying comment? lol

    • @Skippygamer1 says:

      This ending needed to happen, him accepting what happened, and all he needed to learn and accept, etc was brilliant, and…ya I guess if you think about it, what he truly became without realizing it from games past till now, at least from the 3rd game till now was truly, a god of hope, not war after all……….that was really good……….. really good…………………………………truly………..really well………………

  2. @Prolectlol says:

    Kratos, the Spartan, the god of war, and most importantly, the father of boy, is one of those characters who will always have a place in our hearts.

  3. @Gizmo800 says:

    If old kratos hates himself from the past, you know very well how far the legendary god of war has changed. What an absolute legend

    • @imperial_dragon2 says:

      I kinda wanted a fight between old and current.. imagine the fucking scale of that fight.

    • @d.pedroii2940 says:

      He has hated himself for many years now, even before Ragnarok

    • @Somonyo says:

      @@imperial_dragon2I was kind of disappointed that there was no fight against him. But it also makes sense. If you fought him, you’d just be perpetuating the cycle of violence that lead Kratos down that path in the first place.

    • @MegaMaster1021 says:

      He has always hated himself even in the first game
      Kratos has always shown this level of vulnerability in the Greek era the first thing we see Kratos do in the whole series is trying to end his own life
      While I like the progression of his character in the Norse era
      Kratos’s public image has been tainted by the notion that Kratos’s whole character was nothing but a flat angry psychopath when that’s isn’t the case

    • @toastyman111 says:

      he doesn’t hate his young self. he said so just now that he was always more than what people saw. he forgives it

  4. @KhotunKhantheGreatest says:

    Everyone’s talking about Young Kratos (and rightfully so), but can we give a round of applause for Tyr? The fact we got to fight him not once, but FOUR TIMES was amazing. And that last encounter? Pure Awesome.

    • @marvinnovilla4918 says:

      He caught Kratos punch and didnt budge, handled the Blade of Olympus like a champ. He’s the real deal.

    • @logologo732 says:

      And based on his weapons and fighting styles, I think new myths are now possible for future God of war games

    • @KhotunKhantheGreatest says:

      @@logologo732 I think his weapons and fighting styles were, in order: Norse, Aztec, Egyptian and Japanese.

    • @logologo732 says:

      @KhotunKhantheGreatest  I’m not sure but the last one definitely. Plus, remember that map with only 4 symbols? 3 other mythologies besides Greek and Tyr training proves they want to use more mythologies

    • @Akira_Nishikiyama1 says:

      ​​@KhotunKhantheGreatest yeah! I just saw Tyr with a Katana!

      And a Aztec Sword that has Obisdian on it…

      I know that the Egyptian sword is a one that was inspired by the moon..

  5. @diamond3991 says:

    The god of war becomes the god of hope. I think we can all agree that Kratos deserved this ending more than anything.

  6. @argiedude3762 says:

    Seeing Tyr going from a nodachi to a macahuitl to even more, he truly has traveled a lot

  7. @leothorson4654 says:

    Kratos is not just the god of war,but he is now,the god of hope.

  8. @guynamedbob8374 says:

    There’s something eerie about seeing a younger Kratos in this modern light. I’ve grown to love the Older Kratos, but at the same time you are terrified of the younger Kratos.

  9. @tadrosse3786 says:

    The size difference and the different vibes young Kratos and Old Kratos have is amazing. Specially when young Kratos moved from his pose, it was so menacing

    • @Prolectlol says:

      Exactly! Speaks volumes!

    • @custodio-vp4hw says:

      This sht was trash I was hoping old voice actor or atleast a fight between old and new but we get this sht come on

      This whole dlc was just trying to please nostalgia and it failed cuz we didn’t get to see much

      The whole point of this dlc is too end the whole. What if Kratos interacts with his past

    • @kanzakilawliet says:

      ​@@custodio-vp4hw why would we wanna see a battle current kratos easily beats young kratos

    • @tadrosse3786 says:

      @@kanzakilawliet We saw Tyr who is inferior to other gods of war (confirmed and even named some other gods of war including Ares)give old Kratos a good fight. Young Kratos and Old Kratos should be relative with new evidence and sources with young Kratos being more destructive

    • @kanzakilawliet says:

      @@tadrosse3786 Tyr really couldn’t confirm that though he destroys ares ofc so does current kratos and easily too.. young kratos feats has nothing on current kratos

  10. @RahulSharmaYS says:

    That young Kratos looks more ruthless and soulless than his original look. They did great job in representing young wild Kratos who still doesn’t seem to understand what was going on with him at that point🔥

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