UFC 296 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 2

UFC 296 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 2

Colby Covington shoots hoops, champ Alexandre Pantoja works on strength, and Brandon Royval does the conditioning. Paddy Pimblett furthers his mob knowledge. Stephen Thompson sticks to the gym and champ Leon Edwards takes in a Raiders game.

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49 Responses

  1. @FearCycle says:

    Brandon Royval just casually running 10 miles at 6.5-minute pace is impressive. Dude has excellent cardio.

  2. @craigschmidt4133 says:

    Love how Colby broke character when the waiter brought out the cake and then jumped right back into character lol

  3. @mikepfister7590 says:

    Colby is genuinely a nice guy, you can tell by how appreciative he was when the waiter brought the desert. Nice to see that side of him as well 👍

    • @ceceroxy2227 says:

      You don’t think Adolfo hitler and saddam Hussein had the ability to be nice to people. Not saying he is not a good guy, but you can’t say because he was nice to a waiter, he is a good guy.

    • @lilstewy5091 says:

      He’s actually a good guy, there’s lots of videos of him when not in ufc camera, he takes pictures with fans, life advise and always ask how they’re doing and what they do with a smile. When fans start recording him for their buddies, then colby goes back into heel character

    • @mikepfister7590 says:

      @@ceceroxy2227 as someone who worked as a waiter during his college time, I can assure you that you learn a lot about someone’s character by how they treat people who are in an inferior position compared to them e.g. waiters. Not saying this clip alone is enough to make this statement, but there are many videos out there showing his real character and this video just adds to that in a very wholesome way.

    • @theenorthy9544 says:

      @@ceceroxy2227 Jesus christ man, that escalated quick.

  4. @MrDomq22 says:

    Watching wonderboy strike is like watching a painter create a work of art. Shit is so impressive, man.

  5. @Shaunl14 says:

    Tony is 0-6, yet I still can’t wait for his appearance on the embedded.

    Guy really is a legend, and a hell of an entertainer. Hope this is his last rodeo whatever happens.

  6. @Generalwolfy24 says:

    Still makes me sad Pantoja got booed after he won the belt. He left it all in the Octagon and that interview had a grown man in tears. “Dad are your proud of me now “

    I like both Brandon and Alexandre but I’m rooting for Alexandre

    • @lourencorp-ly6tn says:

      it did. best after paddys one @ O2 if not mistaken… only 3rd to those girls with their primal screams sometimes after even a mediocre win

  7. @AladdinUndead says:

    Leon’s first NFL game was one of the worst scoring games ever 😭 3-0

    • @toddy914 says:

      The most important thing for a sport is how well and fluently the game flows throughout the match and not how high the score is at the end of the game. And NFL as a sport with an average playtime of 4 seconds probably has the worst type of “flow” of all sports there is. Typical american sports that has a lot of points most of the games with bad fluent gameplay.

    • @trevorphillips8734 says:

      Still higher than most soccer games 😂😂

    • @ceceroxy2227 says:

      Can you imagine that being your first game. He must be like football sucks. More scoring in soccer

    • @yendevus1747 says:

      Is that bum walking everywhere with the belt?

    • @AladdinUndead says:

      @@yendevus1747 This made me laugh crazy 😂

  8. @hsimah5921 says:

    Colby sincerely thanking the waiter for the dessert is wholesome asf

  9. @Mr.SpongeGlockAK47Pants says:

    100% respect Colby is right he is one of many few fighters on the roster that really does fight at his weight class. How can you not respect it.

  10. @Msal19 says:

    Really rooting for Colby to get it done. He is fighting a guy that holds two wins over a guy that beat Colby twice decisively.

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