Going to 3 NBA Games in 24 Hours

Going to 3 NBA Games in 24 Hours

Today I’m attempting something that might just have never been done before… I’m going to try to attend 3 NBA games in 24 hours.

► https://youtu.be/ANg-MBuwtIg

Living Inside Logan Paul’s Cool Bus For 24 Hours
► https://youtu.be/6hgtwg8zQ7E

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22 Responses

  1. risk says:

    Jesse always making bangers🔥

    • Jeffsrson Jesus is Lord says:

      Whoever believes in the Lord Jesus Christ shall not perish but have everlasting life repent for the kingdom of God is at hand! Jesus will return and he will judge the living and the dead, the Bible says in romana 10:9 that whoever accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior and believe he died for your sins you shall be saved

  2. VictionaryHD says:

    floyd mayweather jus casually chillin in the background lmao

  3. Nate says:

    Jesse always making bangers🔥

  4. Cyclone says:

    Dude whenever Jesse posts its always hits different

  5. Chilli_boy07 TV says:

    These type of vids are just fire big respect to jesse for going through flights just to see nba games for content

  6. [TANIA]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW says:

    Keep up doing what you do your the best another banger added to the list

  7. Stuart Thorn says:

    this was a banger thanks for always making good content jesse subbed for life

  8. Jacob Garza says:

    Another banger 🔥 keep up the grind jesser!

  9. Bob Billy says:

    Love how he actually travelled around easily could’ve went to a lakers, clippers, suns game

  10. Carter Rehberg says:

    This was insane, thanks for bringing us along!🔥🔥

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