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Good Good Explanation | There’s Two Sides to Every Story

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34 Responses

  1. MrTurcz says:

    Really hope you and Garrett continue to collaborate. You guys may be going separate directions, but that doesn’t mean you can’t leverage each others platforms and continue to work together.

    • Stephen Harville says:

      @jojosaute bro, I said the same thing, it’s like he’s doing a bad Jim Carrey impersonation, ALL THE TIME.

    • simple fix it tricks says:

      @Jacob McCain NDA you think hugh ?? And for what would the agree not to talk about ?? Money. Didn’t both good good and grant make videos about money….good good said they threw the kitchen sink of money at grant and he still left. .. so you think a nda is the reason neither one are talking about what’s going on…..even thoe both have now made videos about money…

      Lol…well see if I’m right…I seen the filings so guess it will depend on if they reach settlement or not

    • Ken Reitzel says:

      @simple fix it tricks i noticed that also. It was weird. Then there is Kwon. Kwon cleaned up his facebook when joining Good Good. Ewwww.

    • Lee Parry says:

      Totally agree – great content from two stand up guys 🙏🏼

    • Ken Reitzel says:

      @jojosaute Matt is a 14yo circus clown.

  2. O H I O says:

    This really does sting as a fan because Grant was for sure my favorite in the Good Good Group. But in no way can I be upset because he’s doing what he feels in his heart is the best thing for him and his family. We’ll continue to support and watch every video you keep making. ❤️

  3. John OConnor says:

    As a 50 yr old man with an 80 year old father, let me say…spend time with your parents, spend time with your wife and time with your kids. Money comes and money goes. You can’t put a price tag on that time with loved ones. I will continue to watch your channel, Micah’s Channel and all the Good Good guys channels. I love golf and love all that everyone is doing to promote the game.
    Concerning the loyalty statement… that’s coming from a young man who is dealing with his feelings. At his age, I would’ve probably felt the same. But I have the advantage of life experience, I can say all things change and must change. Some of us want families, some of us want to be single, etc… we all want something different and we should take the opportunities presented to us that help us achieve those goals. I have a loyalty to myself, my wife, my family and a loyalty to do and be the best that I can be.

    • P Sarge says:

      @Donald Couram well said

    • P Sarge says:

      @Mitch McKurtis these people act like he was an owner in good good. Dude was contracted talent and has every right to do whatever he feels is best for him.

    • Robert Larson jr says:

      I’m in the same boat I’m 40 years old taking care of my 81-year-old father. And trust me I would give anything for him to be out on the golf course with me so take that time while you can and enjoy it with family. Anybody who wants to look down upon that does not know the loyalty of family I respect you more for that!

    • P Sarge says:

      @Jeremie he didn’t just up and leave. I’m sure he had a contract and they were working on a new deal hence them saying they offered him the kitchen sink. Contracts end, the man is free to do what makes him happiest.

    • Donald Couram says:

      @Jeremie how do you know he left like a snake?🤔🤔🤔 if two of the most humble intelligent people on the channel left. And both of them said they can’t go into more. Obviously instructed by lawyers not to say anything. Maybe that grass over there has some snakes in it. I do not know this but I also don’t try to call someone out when you have no idea what’s going on. Stay humble my friend

  4. John McKinley says:

    You became my favorite on GG. You had a mix of a passion for the sport, had a teacher’s heart at your core, was always supportive of fellow golfers, even if they were beating you, and an innate sweetness and occasional silliness. I wish you all the best and look forward to where you take your videos! It was classy to acknowledge they did indeed offer you a generous offer. Best of luck to you and your family!

    • Bubba Booie says:

      @Tyler Stensgard i agree all Grant needs to do now is make Grant Labs and he will do just fine i think he should focus on teaching golf more so then just playing rounds of golf. The way he coached that guy on that range on good good labs you could tell Grant was genuinely excited for that guy as he was coaching him to me that was awesome to see and its ashame they never followed up on that type of golf content

    • Kevin Snyder says:

      Good good made you! Why don’t you go play golf with Micah!

    • Tyler Stensgard says:

      Mr Pelkman, grant is such a solid dude who is funny and has the purest swing ive ever seen and he will not have any trouble whatsoever with his youtube career. No matter what went on with him and good good, he will always be someone that people remember and love.

    • MrPelkman says:

      @Dan Myers Fair, I just think those videos they did just the 2 of them generated the best content. I think Garret can replace Grant with Kozan or Luke and not skip a beat. Grant will have a harder time finding a way to make good content

    • Dan Myers says:

      @MrPelkman – IYO. I would tend to disagree but that’s ok.

  5. Gabriel Watson says:

    Grant you were the most genuine team member on Good Good, and your passion for golf comes through more then most. You seem like a very down to earth person and your sometimes goofy personality was refreshing to see. Sad to see you leave good good, but I will continue to watch your personal golf channel. Keep up the great work and spreading your joy for the game of golf!

  6. TGRC says:

    Take it from a 58 year old who enjoys watching you and the Good Good guys hit the ball around, there is no wrong in people going their own way. Despite the best of intentions, people grow apart, it’s normal and even healthy, especially as you see more of life and determine what you value and see as important. Hopefully, with time, emotions with cool and hurt will turn to healthy perspective and you will all grow and be better for it. Keep swinging that silky swing and I, along with thousands of others will keep tuning in. All the best to you and your family.

    • Wanheda says:

      I lost my mother when I was just 30 years old. Sometimes you just take for granted that they will be there for a long time and then when they’re gone you regret not getting enough time with them.

    • chaseybears says:

      Well said ;0)

    • Fritty 99 says:

      I’m 82 years old and I’ve only had one friendship last my entire life. People come and go, wives come and go, even kids come and go: but to have one friend for life is the rarest of rare

    • scottya1968 says:

      Well said. As an other elder(54…in the door😁) I agree. They’re all very young. No one knows what the future will bring. Not worth holding grudges or placing blame, it take too much energy and hurts everyone involved.

    • Matthew Levinson says:

      Not only that, but they’re practically still kids. Most people end up going in different directions from many folks they are close to in their early 20s. Then on to the stress of a many partner business, the politics of folks coming on in sequence, and the peculiarity of being YouTube creatives with their own audiences… No shame in it on either side.

      Hope it’s not too toxic and they end up making content together again. I really enjoyed watching Grant and Garrett play, especially recently as they got bigger and were able to pull in pros and D1 guys and the like!

  7. Not GoodEnough says:

    The pairings with Garrett vs pros are some of the very best golf caught on camera!! We will miss this synergy. Good luck with your next chapters, I loved the vids with your dad and can’t wait for more and different things.

  8. Dave Aschenbrand says:

    The interaction between you and the boys will definitely be missed Gront. But I for one will never hold it against someone for doing what they feel they need to for their wellbeing. Go get em dude…we’ll be there for the ride

  9. Evan Maines says:

    Grant, you have grown my love for golf and through your tips, I have grown as a golfer! I deeply appreciate your content and your character. I’m sorry for the complicated things you have to endure through all this. Thanks for everything, looking forward to what’s next.

  10. Jackpots After Dark says:

    You are a stand up and solid dude. Enjoy your time with your father , it’s priceless and something that shouldn’t be taken for granted . Continued success in all you do

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