Goodbye For Now.

Goodbye For Now.

if you have taken time to view my content, share it, comment on a video then thank you. I hope that i can come back and make something truly amazing for you. Just need some time to sleep. LOVE YA 🙂

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21 Responses

  1. @PirateSoftware says:

    Your work is awesome and you’re rad as hell.
    I hope you find meaning in whatever you make.
    Keep kicking ass dude.

  2. @joshuazane3210 says:

    Honestly, by and large, I think I’ve been more excited when a Papa Meat notification comes up than when a new cartoon comes out. It’s obvious that you’re really having fun with that content and that combined with your sense of humor has made that channel really engaging and fun to watch. Whatever you decide to do moving forward, I’m here for it. Happy New Year, bro.

  3. @connorjohnson8590 says:

    I can’t say I’ve known your channel enough to have a solid read on your character, but the sheer amount of sincerity, heart, and respect for your audience you’ve shown here contrasts very heavily with your channel’s content.

    It’s pleasantly surprising to see how good of a guy you actually are behind these quasi horror animations. I’m also speculating this change is being brought about directly because of that contrast.

    Good for you man. Make the content that makes you feel fulfilled and gives you energy. Put something awesome into the world, you’ve got the mad skills to actually do it! Good luck and happy new year!!

  4. @peachcrumbs says:

    I LOVE Melvin so much because the character is so unique and if you can produce more original content like him I am ALL for it!!! Focus on what you want to do, Hunter! We’re all behind you!!

  5. @uberdude963 says:

    I mean dude… Melvin is incredible. If you’re using that as a baseline, the world is quite literally your oyster. As an aspiring horror writer; your art has inspired me in ways I could not have even imagined. I know that you’ll find success wherever you go. Looking forward to the growth!

  6. @Wickow says:

    I don’t show up just for the parodies man, I show up and watch cuz whatever you do put up is genuinely great and entertaining work! You do you, mate!

  7. @tayzonday says:

    Thank you for everything you do! I can’t wait to see whatever tickles your soul! 💪♥

  8. @tristanfilms_ says:

    I doubt you’ll see this but I’ll give it a shot, you’re the reason I started making my own videos and pulled myself out of the depressing void that I was stuck in. You probably have no idea how much impact you really have on people Hunter, I got the notifs on for the 2nd channel and I think I speak for all your children when I say we support you in whatever you decide to do man. Mental health and creativity always come first, it’s something I feel like this platform is starting to put off especially with “reaction” content and slaving away over what’s trending at the time. You’re a creative giant to people like me and it’s refreshing to see that those core values are still being upheld by a large creator. Love you man, keep making great videos on the Papa meat channel for now and have some fun with this one again when you’re refreshed enough with some new ideas and more time to make a product you can be proud of! Anyone who disagrees doesn’t need to be here, real talk.

  9. @ronnieberringer5734 says:

    Bro, you’re doing something that sadly most of the world doesn’t anymore these days, instead of worrying about what everyone else thinks, You’re actually listening to yourself. Follow your heart brother. You’re doing great! Best of luck and Happy New Year!

  10. @MRWOW10000 says:

    I’ve always been an advocate of the fact you shouldn’t rush art. I feel it’s better to take the time to make something of quality rather than worrying about time constraints. You’re a solid cartoonist and I feel if you take the time you need you can blow minds. Do what your heart feels is right. Hoping you have a good 2024 🙂

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