I watched the endings of 10 terrible christmas movies

I watched the endings of 10 terrible christmas movies

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40 Responses

  1. @theatticaddict says:

    Let’s leave Drew Gooden in 2023

  2. @NdieCity says:

    I’m pretty impressed that a mall santa managed to cure a child’s disability. It’s usually a real santa that has to do that

  3. @CaughtonCandy says:

    Conspiracy theory: Seeing as how in these Christmas dog movies, the dog is always the best actor, I’m starting to think that the movies are actually made and directed by dogs. There’s no other way to explain the terrible human acting

    • @power_startastic says:

      i wonder if the fact the human actors actually know they’re acting is bringing them down. the dogs are immersed because.. they don’t know better.
      though to be honest, a secret society of dog hollywood is a better idea.

    • @owen-ne8tn says:


    • @6Shooter28 says:

      sort of like how the Italian actors in spaghetti westerns always give the most natural performances

  4. @aaronlikeboss6152 says:

    I feel like if Drew keeps watching these he’s going to transform into a terribly conceived Christmas Icon

  5. @Olivia-ek9ib says:

    Imagine going to see Santa at the mall, and not only does he restore a child’s ability to walk, but then the kids mom just starts making out with him 💀

  6. @xcelestialsongx says:

    I wish Christmas was twice a year so we could get two videos every year of Drew watching bad Christmas movies. But not more than that.

  7. @LilBanbozie says:

    It’s so incredible to think that Amanda got the job at the company, and is now the CEO of the franchise. Drew must be so proud.

  8. @dexter5125 says:

    I liked the fact that Drew pointed out that one of the guy’s nicknames was “Roastbeef” and not the fact that Leonardo Da Vinci was apparently the artist for DogGone Christmas.

  9. @lpsquestie3495 says:

    OH MY GOODNESS, MY AUNT AND I (BY PROXY) WATCHED THE FIRST MOVIE DURING CHRISTMAS THIS YEAR! Okay the plot is completely wild! The main character is a jorunalist looking for a story to write about. She dexides to write about a valuable nutcracker that was stolen. Her and the love interest whos a treasure hunter find a “valuable” nut cracker amf try and piece together the story behind it. Shenanigans ensues and in the end, the mli (main love interest) and the girl find themselves in theatre and are chased by the antagonist with a knife until the police arrive. Also it turns out the jutcracker is worth 25 million dollars. In the end, they give the nutcracker to a lesbian couple for theor honeymoon to be put in the museum and the mli and the girl kiss. So just your average hallmark movie

    • @Kasonmoors says:

      Wait are Hallmark movies allowed to have lesbians in them nowadays? I guess I haven’t watched a hallmark movie in a long time.

    • @nah3551 says:

      That’s very funny, considering the nutcracker in the clip is about as crappy and mass produced as it gets. I literally see 100s of that exact nutcracker on shelves every year. I like to think at least one very young child watched this movie, looked at their own nutcracker, and thought for a moment that they might be a millionaire.

    • @crankiemuniz says:

      Thank you for the plot breakdown and though it was unintentional, “jutcracker” really sent me. No idea why, but I loved it

    • @gaj30 says:

      @@crankiemunizglad to know i’m not alone in how i feel about jutcracker

    • @Natalie-hg3gh says:


  10. @joycewible8816 says:

    The hug with the whispering and giggling was absolute torture

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