I Ranked America’s Top 100 Drive Thrus

I Ranked America’s Top 100 Drive Thrus

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38 Responses

  1. Airrack says:

    Put all your hate comments below (scientifically) 😈

  2. Nick DiGiovanni says:

    I think you should turn your channel into a food channel.

  3. GL says:

    I genuinely love the dedication Airrack and his team put in every single video they put out. They work their asses off just to entertain us. Solid W.

  4. Trenton Tsoringso says:

    What a freaking greatly edited video. The editors need a raise! 🙌

  5. That'll Work says:

    S tier for Taco Bell is the most accurate thing I have ever heard 💯

  6. Anonymous TROLL says:


  7. UniversalUnion says:

    As a Filipino, it’s their opinion, but they didn’t taste chicken 😭😭😭

  8. xs says:

    As a Wisconsinite, the fact he didn’t visit a Culver’s drive through is an atrocity 😞

  9. Hi Hi says:

    As a Filipino, I feel offended that Airrack put Jollibee in E tier

  10. elishx says:

    Dude. My heart shattered when you gave Jollibee a bad rating.

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