GREATER THAN ONE // Gekko Agent Trailer – VALORANT

GREATER THAN ONE // Gekko Agent Trailer – VALORANT

Why settle for one, when you can have five?

Meet Dizzy, Wingman, Thrash, and Mosh—a crew of calamitous creatures headed up by Los Angeles-native Gekko, all joining VALORANT with EP_06 // ACT II.

Made in partnership with Lightfarm Studios.

Artist: ericdoa and VALORANT
Track: greater than one

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46 Responses

  1. ocelot09 says:

    Cool to see Reyna taking a sorta mentorship role with the new kid. She’s very intense in game haha

  2. Mhunter007 says:

    i love how riot always makes a pretty background of every agent and never disappoints

  3. Sarah Keith says:

    Loving Reyna showing her true colours outside the protocol and making a friend 🙂 she isn’t all heartless 💕

    • Chervilious says:


    • Jonathan Penafiel says:

      @Babool pop still it clearly shows him as a person who posses radiant powers so she definitely has him under her wing when she grows power

    • Babool pop says:

      @Jonathan Penafiel from what i know reyna and gekko have some form of connection that goes long back

    • Lifedeather says:

      100% using them. Irl lesson for you too, just because someone acts nice to you doesn’t mean they don’t have a different motive in mind or that’s their real personality

    • AviOwl says:

      @akai shuichi to be fair Rena comes from a future not the future if I understand my lore right

  4. PNDRGN says:

    I live for this. This music, this vibe, this guy, this street, these creatures!?

    Live for all of this. Love you Riot <3

    • kloui says:

      the music is actually by one of my favorite artists, ericdoa. he plays valorant and games like that, so when i saw his music was being used, i was sure it was gonna be perfect. definitely go listen to his album “things with wings” if you like this song!

  5. Ignis_the_Incubus says:

    Why do these always have to be so good with music that slaps so hard?!!! I always end up watching them for hours to listen to the music and look at all the goodies they hid around. The characters are also casted and written to absolute perfection 👌 Everyone stands out so well.

  6. RenkiP says:

    Really nice to have someone upbeat and chill like him in the protocol, plus his abilities look sick too! I’m gonna be needing a plushie of Wingman

  7. Stagnant says:

    This agent has the most chill vibes out of all the others

  8. Rain says:

    So his pouch is like a pet carrier for the 4 lizards! I think that is a really cool touch to the character, and the names for the lizards fit them perfectly! (also the cars name was DEDCYPR our boy is not done being thrashed on lol)

  9. Demons Headshot says:

    Riot just never ceases to amaze me with their valorant trailers, honestly chamber was the best one and id rate this as second, still amazing, their art style is so unique and as alot of people say, they should definitely make a movie outta all of this

  10. Filter says:

    My man ericdoa finally getting the love and recognition he deserves, I’m so happy for him.

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