Gruesome details revealed in court as Brian Walshe charged with murdering wife Ana Walshe

Gruesome details revealed in court as Brian Walshe charged with murdering wife Ana Walshe

Brian Walshe is charged with allegedly murdering his wife, missing Cohasset woman Ana Walshe.

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  1. Tami Painter says:

    OMG…it’s absolutely disturbing what he did to his beautiful wife. He’s an evil monster. I’m so disgusted watching him stare at the prosecutor read off the charges. It’s so heartbreaking to hear what happened to her. 😢💔

  2. JΞИИ says:

    This man is so selfish he didn’t just kill his wife, he performed the most gruesome act of dismembering her body. Her 3 children at some point will learn that information and have to live with it. POS.

    • Brenda Jean Ratanaphichetchai says:

      @Mr LTrizz Listen to the evidence. He did it!

    • Angela P. says:

      @R McAr he’s been medically diagnosed as a sociopath. I doubt he has any regrets

    • R McAr says:

      @Meenakshi Ghosh Almost every physical symptom when one is experiencing feelings of “regret” is internal not externally displayed so that is not something that can gauged by an onlooker watching a brief YouTube video. When physical symptoms of regret manifest they are most often the result of a person purposefully manipulating their facial expression to convey what people generally regard as signifying regret. Impossible to tell.

    • LINJ638 says:

      He is a narcissist psychopath.

    • Angela P. says:

      @Britt Cruz perhaps I’m not sure

  3. 1023Dogg says:

    I feel so sorry for her family and children. I’m glad they got this guy and he is behind bars. Just hearing this, I can only hope he got the answers he was looking for before and after he committed this horrific crime. The one question he should have asked, will I rot in hell?

    • Lin Dickison says:

      He needs more than behind bars.

    • Maja Krstanović says:

      I wouldn’t wish his thoughts and what he thinks on anyone. Maybe I can understand that you kill someone, but that you dismember him, that you clean up the evidence while your children are in the house. That’s really disgusting. He will now have a place to stay, he will have food. And where is she, what about the three little boys? They spent a lot of time with him. Horror. Ana comes from Belgrade, her mother is old and sick, she cannot go to America and see her grandchildren.

  4. Kanna Kanina says:

    I’m thoroughly disgusted. The google searches themselves show that he was not the brightest crayon in the box. I’m grateful for the surveillance footage and other evidence and for the investigators and prosecutors working on this horrific crime.

    • Candle Bright says:

      Let’s hope crayon 🖍️brain does dumb stuff in jail to peeve people off who will want to teach him a lesson or two.🤞

    • JaVi says:

      Yeah what I thought too. The fact that he did those searches, the kind of searches, and goes shopping after formally these items. It might had still worked in the 90, now there cameras everywhere. Thank god he ist the brightest!

    • onefoot7 says:

      What, there’s no body???

    • Chee Chalker says:

      @GIRTH BROOKS I agree with everything you said
      I do think his 10 or so incriminating Google searches, plus the DNA (blood IIRC) of the wife on the husband’s clothes, plus the video of him at Home Depot buying a bulk of cleaning supplies, plus his lies to the police,
      plus the fact he was the last one to see her, plus the fact they were considering divorce – all combined is enough circumstantial evidence to convict him.
      Hopefully they’ll find her body soon – that seems to be the only thing he did right thus far (hiding her body).

    • PS says:

      @J.C. L. 😂😂 actually, he looks like a disgusting🐷
      Each to their own I suppose. She had to have seen something good in him. Hey, maybe it was just to become a US citizen 🤷🏽‍♀️

  5. J Lanning says:

    My heart wrenched with every single thing listed that he searched for, bought and did but for some reason when she read the search about breaking the teeth, my heart just fell through the floor. Also, it was at the end, but she mentioned that he began googling on December 27th. Something about men and divorce in their state, I couldn’t hear it well. He was putting together all of this together in his mind throughout the holidays while spending time with her, their precious children, family and entertaining friends. It’s just always beyond me how insane depths of self absorption and evil can live beside us every single day without us knowing,

  6. A Florida Son says:

    When Google goes from being your best friend, to being your worst enemy.

    • Poraka Nasa says:

      @dreamzofhorses Maybe the Google original slogan ”Don’t be evil” should have stayed the same 😀 Or they might add your last sentence when you’re opening the browser, the logo pops out and underneath your sentence flash on and off. 🙂 It could’ve help in many trials, like this one, Chandler H.; BK possibly and many, many more. 🙂

    • hitler was bad says:

      @Rabble Rouser mental illness not a bad heart lmao

    • That YouTube Space Dude says:

      @Rabble Rouser
      The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? I the LORD search the heart, I try the reins, even to give every man according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings. (Jeremiah 17:9-10)kjv

    • TINA GERAGHTY says:

      He’s dumb, like cops never confiscate computers for evidence.

    • dreamzofhorses says:

      @Bambina Forever would not entirely erase the search, LE can get that information from devices even after erased or deleted. Same with phone data and tracking cell phones. Just don’t kill people, you’ll be fine.

  7. Maddie Adams says:

    He googled the whole murder and disposal. What a horrible person

    • Lydia Reaves says:

      Horrible and supremely stupid. 👍

    • Bill Collins says:

      @Freak Meowt It is amazing that there are still people who do not understand that every message you type, search you make, every cell tower you ping, every shopping trip you make, every camera you pass by, etc is all captured.

    • Lauren Daryani says:

      @Jordan E There’s almost no way for this not to sound shitty, but the true senselessness of murders like these is brought out when the killer is so absolutely idiotic and obvious that nearly the moment they’ve committed the act, they’re in handcuffs. Like the Idaho student murders, the Chris Watts family annihilation case and countless others.

    • silvia stefan says:

      On his sons I-Pad!! What a POS.

    • Jordan E says:

      I’m just thankful he was stupid enough to do it. He basically spelled out the entire crime for authorities to find. I just hope those kids are okay, wherever they are.

  8. Christye Thomas says:

    He’s beyond crazy the way he was intently looking at the prosecutor as she described everything he did he is mentally not there omg I feel so so bad for those children and her family this is horrid all those searches and all the things he purchased oh man he must have planned this ahead of time

    • Jo is a girls name says:

      He’s not crazy. He’s a sad, stupid loser stuck having to face how disgusting he is. It’s obvious he hates women.

    • Pat Murdie says:

      I had goosebumps just looking at him

    • Pat Murdie says:

      @Freak Meowtor he was trying to figure out how to shut the DA up.

    • David Skinner says:

      Since the prosecutor was laying out the timeline, I think he was reliving those moments, in his mind, and realizing that every step he took had been exposed.
      He seems in a state of disbelief over what he has allegedly done and I think that moment just before his eyes started blinking was when he realized that he is going to be brought to justice for what he did.

    • Randall Smerna says:

      I think when you decide to make that leap something changes in your spirit and even in your brain. A darkness takes over and there’s no end to the depths if you don’t reject them outright.

  9. Kim Coates says:

    I feel heartbroken for the 3 young children who now have neither mother nor father. One day they will grow to learn what this monster has done. God be with them and their extended family as they mourn Ana and build strong successful futures.

    • J.C. L. says:

      @PS I dont think she saw anything good in him besides money, besides, he looks turkish af and if their soap operas are to be believed, turkish people are violent killers and expert kidnappers to say the least. I dont care how english his name is, he has to have turkish genes. Yes, I also think she was gold digging him big time.

    • J.C. L. says:

      @Kim Coates dudette, you are living in la la land, a pretty woman marrying a guy like that, it has to be money. I would believe a pretty woman like her marrying someone like him for love if it was in the 90s or early 2000s but not later. Of course is an assumption, a logical one at that, logic, something your ovaries cannot grasp Kimmy.

    • J.C. L. says:

      @N AT yes, it was created decades ago, referring to people in the early twentieth century.

    • PS says:

      @J.C. L. not only that women that want to become a US citizen. Don’t care what their meat is like as long as they can become a US American citizen, and from what I gathered she was not from the US. I could be wrong, but. Some women only Mary for money. ( GOLD DIGGERS)

    • luis velez says:

      @Be Bop Do Wop god help you

  10. lovinglife says:

    This psychopath is only upset he was caught. This is absolutely disgusting. The poor children will never have their mother’s love. I pray they’re not given to his family. They should be adopted or given to her parents in Serbia.

    • Daniela says:

      @Lea Ana asked mother to come at 26.12 and she said that she would like to come in January. Ana said than that brayen and she had something to do and she better not to come in January. Mother von Ana loved Brayen because he helped a lot and was very good and caring. Mother said that she is on medication and in disbelief that Ana is dead 😣

    • Lea says:

      @Daniela Yeah, she is in complete denial..I don’t know if they had a bad relationship or she has some mental issues

    • marguerite thurston says:

      @Daniela oh wow!

    • Diviana Devour says:

      Sounds like the exact case of Jennifer Dulos in Connecticut. It’s been several years and they still haven’t found her body. She was also killed and dismembered by her husband, and the same thing he went to court and he was held without Bill but he wind up killing himself, but he did the same exact thing. He dismembered her and threw all the evidence and the supplies and the bloody items, Into dumpsters throughout Connecticut. By the way, he was a narcissistic sociopath also.

    • Daniela says:

      In newspaper im Serbia, mother of Ana W. Don’t believe that Brayen killed Ana 😢

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